damage and complications deviations sleep

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damage and complications deviations sleep

People are accustomed to long ago, whether they are men or have women, to sleep for long hours (from eight to nine hours minimum), but now it has disappeared this habit in the world of speed and change, becoming a technology of various kinds, and forms such as the Internet, BlackBerrys, and the rules data, as well as to pay attention to economic events, from the rise and fall, where there has been such a number of hours for rest and sleep, as was the case before.

Takes us to the revelation by so-called U.S. National Sleep Foundation National Sleep Foundation) NSF):

Where researchers found the Association, that 20% of respondents admitted: they sleep less than six hours per day in 2009, compared with a sample quite similar in 2001, 13% of them: they sleep this rate of clocks, and that 28% of the respondents said: they sleep six hours, compared with 38% in 2001.

These results were from interviews conducted by telephone, gave attention to the economic events, where one of every six individuals (about 16%), sleeping less than six hours because of financial crises.

Damage deviations Bedrooms:
On the other hand, the damage deviations of sleep can not be ignored, since it can not be sure that the few hours of sleep lead to serious health consequences to you alone, but extends harm to the people around you, this is not, but that many of the recent studies confirmed all that lack of sleep associated with the following negative effects:

- Increase the rate of car accidents.

- Diseases, loss of appetite for food.

- Increasing incidence of diabetes, and diseases and disorders of the heart.

- Lack of ability to focus, attention, or interaction with gestures, signals, and memory impairment.

On the contrary, there is associated sleep deviations, which increase the rate of hours we spend sleeping (nine hours or more), may lead to serious damage, at least in any way for its contrast, but little research is conducted In this regard, all of which proved that both: a lack of, and increase the number of hours of sleep, you may Iardhank risk.

The answer is convincing to respond to the question: What is the appropriate number of hours of sleep?
Limited answer to mediate between the two, any of the (seven to nine) hours a night for adults, and remember well, this rate varies with age, and scale appropriately and only to find out whether you slept well last night, Hoonk be in your day active, vigilant, pops , and will depend on coffee and tea in a big way so that it can Turkizom not?!

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