Dreamy Sleep Disorder

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Dreamy Sleep Disorder

That sleep paralysis is one of the most what can be endured by people with sleep disorders in general, despite the lack of this type of sleep disorder dreamer.

In addition to the paralysis which affects the muscles in the first moments of falling asleep or waking up from it, and prevents the person moving and speaking, a person can be infected with a type of hallucinogenic visual or audio, sees or hears what is not reality, in fact, compounding the sense of fear and tension.

It can be sleep paralysis is rare for some, starting with human once, during his lifetime, or recurring per night, for others, several times.

Over the centuries, have been described this type of sleep disorder and it was mentioned in several cultural and social literature as «evil hidden» and «the devil» and «Imp sleep» and so on.

And called in the Arab culture the name «Jathoom» to the feeling of infected b «pregnancy» heavy on his chest and holding his body, stop him from mobility and bridle his mouth.

The mechanism of sleep paralysis
Scientists were able to recently discover the mystery of this disorder and described in a scientific way, so after the discovery of the different stages of sleep, and know all the vital changes that accompany each stage.

Concentrated stage of sleep the dreamer, which usually begins after 90 minutes of sleep onset, in the last third of the hours of sleep near the time of awakening, characterized by Bartha full body muscles all, except the diaphragm muscle and the eye muscles of Foreign Affairs, and displays where sleeping dreams serial clear what can be be the result of intellectual activity eventful.

The reason for sleep paralysis, is a man's deviation from the stage of sleep dreaming stages of sleep is not dreaming and then waking consciousness, including around him, but - in contrast to normal - can not get rid of the property relax muscle and complete distinguish sleep the dreamer, which leads to a sense of tension and terror of strongly as a result of seeing some disturbing visions, and a sense of suffocation and helplessness and inability to speak and move.

The last bout of sleep paralysis a few seconds to several minutes until the return of the ability to move and speak, and then waking up in a state of terror, tension and even cry, because the person feels that he was in agony.

Causes of unrest
Bouts of sleep paralysis affect about 3 out of every 10 people, and first observed beginning in adolescence, but it affects both sexes at all ages.

This can sleep disorder that affects the dreamer several individuals in one family intensively.

There are factors that help to happen, is sleep deprivation, the most important causes of paralysis of sleep due to excessive relaxation of muscle density-wave sleep, dreaming that characterize suffer from extreme deprivation of hours of adequate sleep, like someone who intended to ensure the long hours and does not take enough of sleep well because of its links practical and social.

In the same context, the concern of excessive tension and excess, and the status of sleeping on the back, and the incidence of some mental illnesses such as irregular bilateral Pole, the most important risk factors to help sleep paralysis.

The sudden stop taking the drugs inhibitory to sleep the dreamer, as treatments of depression, may lead to the recurrent of this alarming situation.

And sleep paralysis may be a symptom of the disease sleep-compulsive disorder (Narcolepsy), where is one of the main symptoms of this disease and which ones are sudden bouts of sleep, and myasthenia provisional during waking.

Diagnosis and treatment
Should not be considered the beginning of the sleep paralysis that a serious disease, but stressed that it is merely mostly a phenomenon known as sleep.

There is no evidence on the dangers of direct or cause of death, due to the continued performance of the diaphragm muscle and the stability of respiratory function and oxygen saturation.

Therefore, you do not need most of the bouts of sleep paralysis to a specific treatment, Most of them will be rare, you only need to reassure the patient, and explain the nature of the disorder.

However, the recurrence of seizures can lead to tension during the day and the patient's concern before sleep for fear of exposure, which can cause chronic insomnia.

In this case you should visit a sleep disorders to discuss the factors affecting and care to avoid controversial causes such as deprivation of sleep and chronic exercise work night shifts, and make sure the patient is free of any sleep behavior disorder or an organic another break in breathing during sleep.

Treatment of sleep paralysis
Treatment depends mainly on the adoption of healthy lifestyle behavior Kantzam sleep schedule and wake up, exercise and adequate sleep during the night, and sleep on one of the ribs instead of lying down on the back, and avoid the causes of tension and to ensure treatment of anxiety and behavioral means.

There is the possibility of prescription sedative medicine «clonazepam» or depression treatments to ease the tension, and to discourage the stage of sleep dreaming in specific cases.

When you need to make sure no disease sleep compulsive disorder doctor sleep disorder examined patient and test sleep in the laboratory sleep disturbances during the night, followed by testing naps short during the day, and to monitor the intensity of the stage of sleep dreaming in both annual checks, and access to accurate diagnosis and then prescribing for this disease.

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