Symptoms of pressure does not appear only in the later stages of the disease

Early detection of pressure from the most important means to avoid complications

Disease pressure from diseases that drains a lot of financial and human capacities of the communities, and the problem in this disease in particular that he is silent in the sense that he could not know that the patient has a pressure, but pressure measurement ... The symptoms do not appear only in the later stages of the disease .. And when it affects the high pressure on the brain and the heart, headaches, pain and narrow breath or on the eye or vision impairment to kidney failure and functions ... Therefore, this is called the silent killer disease.
The concept stage of "pre-pressure"
Thus arose the concept of early detection of disease pressure even before it occurs and how to deal with him at that stage before hitting the pressure prevail in each member of the human body and thus a diagnosis of pressure known as ... This is because the patients pressure does not suddenly become infected by pressing between day and night, but going through multiple stages may take several years ..... The first is high pressure to the highest stages of the natural pressure acceptable (a pre-stage pressure prehypertension) where it is possible to call it a metaphor (stage -1), and then begin stages of pressure known as a medical first (systolic pressure above or equal to 140 or diastolic pressure greater than or equal to 90 mm of mercury or both) This phase consists in several forms of mismatch intermittent high pressure during the times of the night and particularly in the early morning hours and then exceed that of rising to the daylight hours, and then converge these rises to be related to day and night ... Another concern is the high and low to normal relatively quickly with the disparity in the level readings in a short time Labile hypertension, including the steady increase of pressure at all times, though most of these formations occur in the first phase of the blood pressure but can occur in stage II or III, It is an important concept in the science of pressure he was in the same patient may have had more than one type of these formations.

The heart of the most important members of which are susceptible to disease control pressure

What are the pre-pressure?

Know the stage of pre-stress the fact that the systolic pressure 120 to 139 mm Hg or diastolic 80 to 89 mm Hg or both, has shown recent studies show that this phase effect on the kidneys has been found that there is an increase in albumin urinary microscopy in these patients doubled compared to patients who they do not have this situation, the seriousness of the pre-pressure increases the likelihood of having a stroke heart, head and heart failure ... The lowest in that of patients with pressure and more people are not infected with the strain.
Rate readings to the development of disease, blood pressure
It was found that 66% of those in the pre-pressure (study Trophy) becomes ill the pressure in the four years. It is important to know that a medication at this stage is useful in reducing the incidence of stroke is not the future and prevent pressure finally ....... As the prevalence of "pre-pressure" in the world, about 30% and increases with age for both sexes.
Stages of the pressure is not inevitable

These four stages of pressure is not inevitable to each patient by pressing the arterial and the time when it remains in each stage varies from person to person and depending on the factors associated with that affect the high pressure such as obesity, smoking and high cholesterol, diabetes and loss of fitness and finally the force of history genetic family to diseases pressure.

How to deal with this stage?
The most important step in the treatment of these patients is to explain the importance of this stage of the patient and teaching how to measure the pressure at home and watch ... What are the readings are acceptable and unacceptable .. And when should I go to the doctor ... And how to define and measure the effectiveness of treatment without drugs .... And learn how to set a schedule for follow-up to these readings, whether printed on paper or in your computer to be able to during his periodic printed and discussed with a doctor face to face .... This step is the cornerstone of the organization of treatment of these patients ..... These patients usually must be followed up carefully the effects of pressure and regularity of the kidneys and retina, heart, and without being treated as drugs and have multiple ways:

Inflation from complications of heart muscle disease, high blood pressure

1. Diet is to reduce the salt, fat and carbohydrates and increased consumption of potassium (in those who had no renal failure)
2. Reduce weight to the appropriate weight to the length of the patient
3. Stop smoking for good
4. Exercises daily thirty minutes a day five days a week.
If none of these means resorting to drugs, especially in those with sugar or kidney failure or previous stroke, heart or brain.

The concept is wrong!!

And misconceptions in some patients to rely on reading the pressure in the clinic as evidence that he had no pressure or that he controlled the pressure has proven by medical studies that there is a lot of patients who had pressure normal in the clinic and high outside this pressure is called pressure Mystery masked hypertension vary spread of the study to another, from one state to another .... But one of the recent studies have demonstrated that within 55 to 60%.

Therefore, Measuring pressure in the clinic does not mean that the patient has a pressure or it is controlled in pressure if high does not mean that the patient has no pressure or that he controlled scheduled SMS if it was a normal
In spite of that I have seen some patients depends on the sense to know how high the pressure, saying (I know myself)!! Is sincere in that part where the patient feels that developed symptoms of headache, dizziness and narrow in the soul and beats and the power of the pulse of the arteries in the neck at high pressure, but in the later stages of the disease or when the height is great even above the 180 to 110 and that a very late stage to wait for the patient for the treatment of pressure or measured only when you reach it.

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