Burns the skin between the facts and mistakes to be avoided

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Burns the skin between the facts and mistakes to be avoided

Surgical Debridement of Burns with Skin  Grafting Procedure

Millions of people around the world burns the skin, note that these burns may result from sunstroke or direct exposure to fire or the like, ranging from burns, wounds, aches simple to the real require specialized treatment and professional.

Common burns small lot and can get several times in our daily lives, and burns large and deep are fortunately even rarer, and may result from strikes, strong sun or direct exposure to flames of fire or hot liquids or metals hot or steam, do not forget of course, burns that result from some chemicals and electricity.

Burn area extremely important:

Whenever the area was burning, the greater the wound more difficult, whatever the depth, Burning mainly extended to the whole body, such as that caused by sunstroke, for example, may adversely affect overall health, especially when the little boy (dehydration) than third-degree burn confined to a small area and specific.

To assess the area of burn, doctors use a base of nine Wallace, when one adult is the head of 9% of body surface, and every member of the Alawi 9% of all the internal and external members to the lower 9%, etc., are burns that exceed an area of 10% of the area the body burns deep and severe and extreme, it should be noted that the palm of the hand parallel 1% of the area of the body.

The greater the pain was burning less difficult:
Contrary to popular belief, the superficial burns, ie burns, first class and second class, the most hurtful of the Third degree burns, the reason is that in the Third degree burns, the skin is damaged completely in the rear, with no Ooeitha blood and its outskirts, nervousness, Vigb pain, so should be of concern in the absence of pain, not when there is a lot of pain.

Some areas of the body more vulnerable than others:
In addition to the severity of burn and spread, burning site is also very important, so the face and hands and joints, and genital area is one of fragile areas at risk of burning more than others.

The doctors have confirmed that the burning of the class is holding the small area of the arm are often less difficult from the wound surface that extends over a large area, it should also be noted that the victim's age (over 60 years of age or less than 3 years) and health of the overall (lack of chronic disease serious psychological problems, etc.) are among the factors affecting the difficulty of diagnosis and severity of burn.

Consult a doctor in the second-degree burns and beyond:
You can dispense with consulting a doctor only in the degree burns first and second surface, small size (ie the period at a distance of less than a palm of the hand) and away from the joints, eyes and the body's natural openings (ie, nose, mouth, ears and anus).

If the burn is a very superficial way, without bubbles, such as that caused by sunstroke, the plant or friction and a very short liquid is hot, or something into a hot, simply pass the burn under cold water to soften the pain and cool the area burned, and you then only the extension of a thick layer of cream moisturizer private, such as burns (Biafine), the renewal of this process for the next 48 hours, then moisturize the skin properly for healing without consequences later.

The burning associated with bubbles (second-degree surface) must be dealt with after it cools, dressing fat thick and covered Bkmadp sterile, with the need to renew the bandage and Compress every two days, but if the increased area of the wound depth or extension, or sprinkle it liquid or mulch stink , you should consult a doctor immediately because the burning is in the process of inflammation probably.

If the wound is deep and extended over a large area, you should seek help immediately, and pending the arrival of ambulances should be placed under the burn with cold water and covered in a clean wet towel with cold water.

Errors should be avoided and attention to:
- In case of exposure as a result of the burning flame of fire, do not touch the clothes never burned and bound to the skin, or try to remove it.

- Do not flood the person burned pools of cold water, this may cause thermal shock.

- Do not put butter or oil burning space on the table because this stimulates the spread of heat burn to a greater distance.

- Do not put ice cubes on the area burned, Valbroodp severe may increase the difficulty of burning and dangerous.

- Do not use colored product, such as (Aliiosen) because it is hidden from the appearance of the skin and condition.

- Do not put alcohol or hydrogen peroxide or even lotion cleanser to burn, these products may damage the tissues beneath the burn.

- Do not use cotton because it may stick to burning and it becomes very difficult to remove later.

- Do not leave burning in the open air without protection, becomes inflamed and bleeding may become worse.

- No open burning because the bubble bubble to relieve the pain and protect the wound from infection, the doctor has the authority puncture bubbles after being cleaned and deepened.

- Do not tell you based on the burning Palmarham Alkorteqoyed or antibiotics, because this increases the burn worse.

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