How can we get rid of the phenomenon of stuffy nose?

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How can we get rid of the phenomenon of stuffy nose?

Nose blocked is a common phenomenon, we observe in each place could we find ourselves in, and the majority of stuffy nose that can last a few days and then return the nose to the nature inhalation of clean air in large quantities, but in other cases last obstruction for long periods, in such cases requires medical .

On the problem of stuffy nose we had this meeting with Dr.. Solomon Za'aroureh - Director of ENT at the French Hospital in Nazareth.

What is the problem of clogged nose?

Normal breathing is usually from the nose, the problem occurs when the patient becomes unable to breathe from the nose and mouth is used as a means of respiration, this method allows the passage of dry air of the throat that needs to wet air, leading to multiple complications.

What are the causes stuffy nose?

Viral infections that can infect the respiratory system, and this causes a feeling of suffocation in the nose, these problems are common in the winter.

There are people who suffer from allergy in the nose are usually chronic sensitivity, because of inflation corneas within the nose, and this is one of the problems that cause blockage of the nose.

Can sinus infections cause a stuffy nose, for a longer period of days, and in this case, the intervention of a doctor.

If the patient is suffering from a warp in the cartilage, can lead to blockage of the nose.

What are the symptoms of stuffy nose?

Loss of sense of smell.

Changes in sound and chronic hoarseness.

Inflammation of the throat and larynx.

Snoring, which is rising as a result of the breath of the mouth.

Headache, pain in the face.

What are ways to treat stuffy nose?

Can address the problem of blockage of the nose if for a short period by natural materials, ie, using water, salt inhalation, or by inhalation of vapor of warm water to dissolve the mucus, and must at this stage, drink fluids frequently, or through the sprinklers or medicines melt adenoids swelling of the sinuses .

If the problem continued blockage of the nose and worsened the patient should go to the doctor concerned, and can then use radiotherapy in a simple process, and we can discover through testing at the initial stages of swelling.

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