Oxygen .. Effective in the treatment of migraine and cluster headaches

الأوكسجين ..  فعال فى علاج الشقيقة والصداع العنقودي في دراسة

Oxygen .. Effective in the treatment of migraine and cluster headaches in the study
In the study of Medical Review, Australian scientists said that the two types of oxygen therapy

May provide some relief from the pain of people who suffer from adult

Migraine (migraine) and cluster headaches.

And acute migraine pain is usually associated other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting,

Painful sensitivity to light. As for cluster headaches cause mild pain is very sharp

And "fire" in one side of the head.

Doctors and drug cases, therapies or oxygen. The scientists see

Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, 9 the results of smaller studies involving 209 participants,

In order to identify the efficiency of oxygen therapy.

Said Dr. Michael Bennett, a specialist in diving medicine and high pressures, who oversaw

The study, the researchers wanted to identify and assess the evidence provided by randomized trials on

Infected and which utilized the oxygen treatments were considered safe

And effective in relieving migraine and cluster headaches.

The researchers said the study published in the latest issue of the magazine "Cochrane Kobrishn",

They evaluated the effectiveness of treatment with oxygen at normal pressure,

And treatment with oxygen under high pressure.

In the first treatment the patient breathe pure oxygen

In conditions of natural pressure in the room,

Breathe it in while the second treatment in a room, especially under high pressure.

The researchers reviewed the results of studies comparing the treatment of migraine

Oxygen and treatment pills and fake,

And other studies for the treatment of cluster headache with oxygen compared to placebo.

They found that a high-pressure oxygen therapy reduces

The pain of migraine, may also reduce

The pain of cluster headaches, but this treatment does not prevent

The incidence of episodes of these two types of headaches.

But specialists in the treatment of headaches to the point

Treatment with oxygen will not be

In practice because the headaches are sudden and short-time,

So as not to allow the patient to

Opportunity to go to the room reserved for high-pressure oxygen

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