Treat fatigue and exhaustion and stress and inactivity ..

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Treat fatigue and exhaustion and stress and inactivity ..

How to Treat Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke  Heatstroke

Explains how the medicine to say next?
I am very tired even though I slept ten hours straight?
The body needs to sleep on the Elimination of fatigue, but may not bring the desired sleep comfort and pleasure, therefore, lose its necessity. Known that the human lives his dreams But if those dreams turned into a means to re-configure and review Hlavat painful and difficult day, the human person is automatically burn the thrill of sleeping in his hand and turning it into a hard and tiring work that took him into the street to the bed. Difficult to sleep and become a state of nervous agitation, anxiety and all treatment must go to the cause which is often either family disputes or disagreements in the workplace or personal. Valtab here plays the role of evidence of the daily problems and psychological. And the noise is causing some sort of nervous excitement continued with a high degree, especially in cities where the noise from the necessities of life

Drug treatment is not innumerable, and pharmacies are rich, namely in the form of sedatives and tonics and aphrodisiacs and anti-fatigue and fatigue, calcium, potassium, and hundreds of others, but some of them carrying poison to the body, so may not be adopted without consulting your doctor. For example, lack of calcium in the blood go away normal food that provides the missing percentage of it. In difficult cases some people resort to drug and alcohol, this same effect of sugars on fatigue, but fatigue is born after the demise of a very strong effect. To remedy fatigue and exhaustion, there are some tips that may be necessary, which may alleviate the occurrence but does not eliminate it.

1. Better morning meal and a focus on nutrient tonic for the body as eggs, cheeses and butter.
2. To avoid swallowing laxatives because they are low percentage of vitamins (a) and (d), magnesium and amino acids from the body, causing fatigue and exhaustion.
3. Regima especially those who follow the best selection of food containing proteins frequently with little fat and sugars.
4. Avoid the frequent use of alcohol and coffee.
5. Maintaining physical activity and sport walking because they help to purify the chest and the mobilization of the body fresh air.
6. Not to overburden the body overworked process.
7. Better control of the daily work allowance is governed by us.
8. Operational planning of activities with the adoption of the daily rest periods between the period and the other necessities of modern life.

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