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Thyme: This is called epithymum thyme a plant species known from the oral and frequently in general in the Mediterranean basin countries and call it a recipe for that delightful mountain mountains bask smelling smart. It has a strong aromatic smell and taste hot over a bit. And for Saatar types: ground and another type of implants.

Scientific name: ThymusVulgaris user medical part of it: flowering branches, and leaves.

Its approach:
Boil in his veins flowering and leaves with water and drink (tea), and by eating boiled herb by half a tablespoon per cup of boiling hot water with a spoonful of honey, and the patient one cup to three cups per day for several days .. Tbejh with figs and benefit asthma, difficulty of breath, coughing, and if taken with vinegar increased effect in the expulsion of wind, and the generation of urine and menstruation, and purification of the stomach, liver, chest, and improve the color.

Scientific research has shown the benefits of thyme for the treatment of:
The respiratory system:
The importance of thyme and medical benefit in the healing of many diseases, in particular concerning the respiratory tract, such as whooping cough, bronchitis and asthma in this case was acting on the thyme softens mucus, making it easier expulsion popular abroad as calm bronchial Ilotfha. The boiling thyme mixed with honey gives excellent results in the case of respiratory infections people.

Strengthen the immune system: it should contain the thyme with high working to strengthen the immune system in humans helps to use some add other ingredients such as royal jelly, cumin, ginger, and if used with the garlic and cumin and honey ... And contains some of the highly efficient materials that would treat some diseases which contains substances that have sedative properties of the pain and antiseptic and a stimulant to the blood. Thyme and activates all the general functions of anti-poisoning, and easy to sweating, and generates the urine. And thyme containing resin materials reinforcing the muscles and prevent hardening of the arteries and works to expand the arteries and strengthen the muscles of the heart and addresses the urinary tract infections, bladder and to cure colic, renal and lowers cholesterol.

Appetizing: Thyme works to alert the stomach and the expulsion of gases and prevent fermentation and helps digestion and absorption of nutrients and the expulsion of fungi from the stomach and intestines as well as it increases the appetite to eat it contains a substance Iimol working to kill microbes and expel parasites from the stomach in addition to the article Rvkrol a palliative and disinfectant and centrifugal mine and anti-hemorrhage and diarrhea, Add to that Thyme euphemism for food and if put with vinegar kindness meat and earned bait for Veda is anthelmintic has proven scientific experiments that oil Thyme kills amoeba causes of dysentery in a short period and destroy bacteria colon. It increases in body weight because it helps digestion and absorption of fatty substances. We would like to add that the thyme may cause constipation (arrest) is sometimes preferred taking it with olive oil.

Anti-oxidant: It was stated that Thyme also contains antioxidant properties, which could benefit from the addition of thyme oil to canned food (such as cans of ghee) to prevent oxidative stress rather than the addition of synthetic materials may harm human health.

Alarm memory: advances and emphasizes the importance of addressing the previous Ksnduwic thyme with olive oil morning and before going to school for believing that thyme alarm memory and helps you to quickly retrieve the information stored and the ease of assimilation.

For the treatment of gums and dental pain:
The thyme stimulus excellent scalp and prevents hair loss and intensify and altered, and chew the benefit in dental pain and inflammation of the gums, especially if cooked with cloves in the water, then advised Baltamadamad it after cooling. It also protects against tooth decay, especially if chewing a green blind.

Vnbat thyme is an important factor in dealing with infections of the throat, larynx and trachea and is working to alert the mucous membranes in the mouth and strengthens them. And enter epithymum in toothpaste is cleanse the mouth and chew live dental problems

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