Get rid of the bad mood in the morning

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Get rid of the bad mood in the morning


Long-term study showed that 80% of people are naturally improve mood in the night and worse in the day, so do not find them in the morning Itaqon Incdonn life for themselves and others.

The study confirmed that the vast majority of people belonging to the type of flexible and can be adapted to the circumstances. In other words, the majority of the classified themselves in the category of humans nightclubs are not really well, but they remained persuade themselves that they trillion so convinced already done so, and the result, then, is that virtually anyone can overcome a sour mood in the morning if they follow the appropriate procedures to ensure of achieving this.
In order to improve your day, follow these steps

Drinking water
Your body has lost during the night between liters and liters of water, preferably to compensate what has been lost as soon as possible, if Feltcherb before breakfast two cups of water.
If you're someone who wants to drink hot drinks in the morning, you have to attend in the evening the day before your drinking preferred and put it in the pitcher kept the heat on the table bed to drink from it what you want in the morning before leaving bed.

Employment perfumes
Put your best perfume on a table bed workshops of it when it rings the alarm on my back, hands and inhaled the fragrance your day a new vigor and vitality, fresh fragrance is not limited to only women but men as well.
You could try this method using the Extract oils such as oils, chamomile, lavender, and mint Bustani, rosemary, pine, lemon and a flower.

Fill out your energy stocks thanks
Accustomed to the American writer Henry David Thoreau to put forth the same three questions immediately after waking up: "What are the good things in my life?" And "What are the things that Tbhgni in my life?" And "Allam, I should be thankful and grateful?"
Bijapetk these questions, put yourself in a positive mood right to start your day with pleasure and optimism and activity, and energy stocks like your day with those thoughts positive.

Paved the path for the reception of your day
Referring physician and an American psychologist Reid Wilson important to note, it may be why you feel depressed in the morning according to his opinion that you take a negative attitude toward some of the details of your morning routine as well as your situation may be pessimistic about what your day holds in store for you next.
Wait for your day exchange and analysis of strict and without mercy, and to define what's bothering you in the morning, primarily from bothering you, and if you need more calm, patience, and wakes up if necessary earlier than usual to ensure for yourself some time there with yourself without disturbing one and pave the path to receive the positively and vitality and activity.

Bathed in cold water
Does not work showers in the morning unless a hot bath bath of cold water (about 15 degrees Celsius), and the utility of bathing in cold water the greatest possible when you follow the advice of the cleric Sebastian your statement that leaves cold water wander from the tap and the approaching beam of water gradually so that it starts onto his right foot Vdhirall Faraglh left right left and then back Vdhirall Valsdr where the heart is, and thereby reducing the shock of cold to fill your mouth with cold water before you start to bathe

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