«Search and Destroy» entitled to amazing results in the eradication of skin cancer

The right of scientists an unprecedented breakthrough in the use of gene therapy to combat tumors.
Where the researchers used the University, "Strathclyde" Glasgow method to deliver genes
Tumors difficult to achieve without any damage to healthy cells.
And sustained way, "search and destroy" amazing results in laboratory tests on
Skin cancer by making tumors disappear completely.

The team is now testing the effectiveness of this method in the treatment of other types of cancer. At the moment can not be
To give the gene to treat cancer without harming surrounding healthy tissue surrounding the tumor, so the team devised a
Research method using the plasma protein Transvirin that is the transfer of iron through the blood.
Where there are transport proteins for Transvirin often in large quantities in tumors has led
Treatment to a rapid decline and durable tumor within a month, without any signs of toxicity developments.
The tumors disappeared completely in 90 percent of cases.
Team of researchers led by Dr. "Christine Dovez" lecture at the Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences in
University of Strathclyde. She said: "This therapeutic method led to promising results for the treatment of cancer
Preliminary tests in the hope that we have had to get rid of cancer in the near future.
The research is published in the latest issue of the magazine "Journal of Controld Relez."

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