Cortisone drugs lead to the death of bone

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Cortisone drugs lead to the death of bone

Favorable bone condition caused the death of a certain part of
Favorable bone condition caused the death of part
A result of the lack of bone in the amount of
Of oxygen getting to the leading
To cell death responsible for the maintenance of
And build bone tissue and thus to collapse
This fabric with the passage of time. The reasons
That lead to lack of oxygen
But many of the most important of these reasons
There are diseases lead to cutting veins
And the arteries feeding the bone, or blocked
, As happens in cases of fractures and dislocations
Or bacterial infections or some disease
Blood or the use of alcoholic beverages
Or use medicines that contain
Article cortisone for long periods.
In many cases, it may not be
There is a known cause of disease,
Favorable bone. As for the spread
In the body, this disease usually
If one of the hips, or both, or may
Affects the bones around the knee or shoulder
Or any other part of the bones of the body.
Typically, the disease is silent in its initial stages.
But when a long-lasting, the
The patient or the patient begins to complain of
Pain in the affected area increases with the movement
With the passage of time may lead to difficulty
In walking and doing daily tasks.
It is usually diagnosed after the
A clinical examination and rays
X-ray and X-ray and nuclear magnetic resonance scan.
As for the treatment of it depends on the size of
The affected area and its age of the patient
And status of public health. For instance, if
The affected area, small or large impact
On the composition of bone, employment, the treatment
Be conservative, and therefore set aside the injured part
And the use of painkillers for the pain and the work
Physiotherapy sessions and try to correct the
The main cause of the disease, if any.
But in cases where the injured part
Where a large or close to the detailed and be
The injured part Michoha and severe pain, the
Surgical treatment may be the best solution
This may be through removal of bone
Dead bone and replace it with the taste of a new or
Replaced with metal parts as they are
The case in the hip and shoulder. Prevention remains the
Better than cure and by avoiding the reasons that
May lead to the disease.
Also, diagnostic
Accurate and early is of utmost importance in
Treating these cases in the initial stages
And to avoid complications that may occur as a result of neglect.

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