Discovery of the tobacco plant

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Discovery of the tobacco plant

Lung Cancer Photo

• tobacco plant was discovered in the United States during the period preceding the discovery of America by Columbus. And began expanding the tobacco business after that.
• spread of tobacco use in Europe in the mid-seventeenth century. And expanded tobacco business becoming one of the most important trades in the world.

Active substances in the tobacco plant

• tobacco plant contains many of the most important vehicles Nicotine
• The smoke contains more than 4000 toxic compound found in some of the tobacco plant, and some produced during manufacturing.

What is the effect of nicotine?

• toxic effect of nicotine on the nervous system of insects so it is used as an insecticide.
• an effective impact of nicotine on the nervous system of man:
• gives a sense of happiness.
• improve performance and concentration, especially in persons accustomed to non-smoking.
• nicotine reduces the sense of anxiety and depression.
• But, unfortunately, is included under the nicotine addictive substances.

Different images of smoking

How to start the problem? And how man becomes addicted to smoking?

• Smoking is an environmental problem is the most important national problems of childhood in the world.
• Most of the addicts began to smoke with the problem in adolescence.
• Usually children start smoking as a kind of tradition and self-assertion and imitation of adults, especially the father or one of the characters that fascinated by the child.
• Some young people smoking is a kind of civil and relevant.

What develop this bad habit in children and young people?
• propaganda from the companies manufacturing and marketing of smoke.
• Some of these companies shows a strong personality with a smoker muscular structure - or uses some of the artists lover of young people in advertising.
• Some companies imagine smoking women as a sign of self-reliance and urbanization - which led to increase the proportion of smoking in girls.

Phases through which a boy to become addicted to smoke
• the child begins to try cigarettes at intervals.
• over the few years become a habit continues.
• Initially smokes a few cigarettes per day.
• During the 80-10 years more than the number of cigarettes per day until a person becomes addicted then set the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

Dangers of smoking
• Some statistics from the World Health Organization:
- Smoking is responsible for the death of 1 of 10 people.
- Every 10 seconds a person dies as a result of smoking.
- All cigarette smoke deduct at least 5 minutes of age smoker (the same time it takes to smoke a cigarette almost).
- Children in age between 13-15 years old: one out of every 5 children smoking in the world.
- Every day more than the number of smokers in the world of children from 000.80 to almost 000 100.
- A number of smokers at least in developed countries and, unfortunately, more than the number in developing countries.

Smoking hazards

Dangers to the smoker Nevshoktar environmental (passive smoking)

Dangers of smoking on the smoker
• heart and blood vessels.
• lung cancer and other cancers.
• narrow chronic bronchitis.
Smoking and heart disease and vascular
• Smoking increases the deposition of fat, blood vessels, causing hardening of the arteries and resulting from:
- Failure and stroke, coronary heart disease.
- High blood pressure and its complications.
- Stroke, brain arteries, and bleeding of the brain.
- Lung clots.
Smoking and respiratory
• respiratory devices of the most vulnerable to the dangers of smoking.
- Lung Cancer:
• increase the incidence of lung cancer twenty times in the smoker for a non-smoker.
• The statistics show that smoking is primarily responsible for the alarming increase in the incidence of lung cancer.
- Narrow chronic bronchitis, which is produced:
• chronic bronchitis.
• extend the disruption of lung tissue (pulmonary emphysema).
- The patient suffers from a persistent cough and shortness of breath from the least effort and the inability to work and movement.
- In the advanced stages leading to the failure of breath.

Other diseases resulting from smoking:
- Stomach ulcers.
- Cancer of the stomach.
- Oral cancer - cancer of the larynx.
- Bladder cancer.
- Infertility in men and women.
- Cataract (clouding the lens of the eye).

The seriousness of maternal smoking during pregnancy or exposure to second-hand smoke
• deficiencies in the growth of fetal lung.
• sudden death of the fetus or after birth.
• Lack of fetal weight.
• effect on the intelligence of the child.
• increase the incidence of mental illness and crises of interest.

Passive smoking
(Environmental effects of smoking)
• Cigarette smoke is the most important causes of contamination of the environment.
• pollution of the environment resulting from:
- By burning cigarette
- Smoke that comes out of the mouth or nose smoker
Damage exposure to passive smoking
• incidence of lung cancer.
- Has been proven to increase the proportion of lung cancer in women non-smokers married to smokers by 20% than those married to non-smoker.
- Passive smoking is responsible for the 2000 and deaths each year in the United States due to lung cancer.
- Passive smoking continues to cause a malfunction of the functions of breathing.
• heart disease and blood vessels.
- Passive smoking is responsible for 000.35 - 000.40 deaths each year in the United States resulting from the increase in the incidence of heart disease and blood vessels.

The impact of smoking parents to children
• cause the mother's smoking increase the incidence of respiratory disease in children and reduces the rate of growth of the lungs.
• parental smoking, or both are responsible for the recurrence of crises usury and increase the intensity in children with asthma popular.
• increase the likelihood of children smoking.

How to Quit Smoking
• symptoms of quitting smoking:
- Thinner.
- Cases of anxiety and anger.
- Disorder in focus.
- Increased appetite and weight gain.
• The first three days, is the most difficult period in which the smoker suffering from withdrawal symptoms and less of these symptoms gradually over 3-4 weeks.

How to quit smoking??

Counseling and seminars that explain the seriousness of smoking and the benefits of quitting.

Quitting smoking reduces the rate of deaths from heart disease and lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and narrow.

Use of medicinal drugs:

1. Treatment of compensatory
2. Antidepressant medications

Nicotine patch

Established for the nicotine patch on the skin once every 24 hours for two weeks.

Of nicotine nasal sprayer

Placed 0,5 mg of nicotine in each hole and use a nose spray or evoke a rate per hour in the range 8-40 spray daily for 3-6 months.
First: nicotine replacement therapy

• The nicotine patch
• nicotine spray
• All spray give 13 micrograms of nicotine
• The airbrush is a part of the mouth and placed a wallet containing nicotine
• Each portfolio contains 10 mg of nicotine
• The person needs a portfolio of 6-16 day spray give 80 (all spray 13 micrograms), which is equivalent to the amount of nicotine in the cigarette almost.
• nicotine nasal sprayer
• To that nicotine
• doses Found: 2 mg - 4 mg
• small dose prescribed to the smoker, less than 25 cigarettes a day.
• large dose prescribed for smokers over 25 cigarettes a day.
• How to use:
• Galaxy chewed slowly until the individual feels numb, and then left in the space between the cheek and teeth.

Second: drugs for depression
• using doses calculated under the medical supervision
• In cases where the use of treatment fails, the only treatment is recommended to use the multi-

Some guidance to reduce the symptoms of Departure:

Increase the activity of the individual in this period. تجنب المنبهات (الشاى والقهوة). تمرينات النفس العميق تجنب الأماكن والظروف التي يحتمل فيها الرجوع للتدخين خاصة في الأسابيع الثلاثة الأولي. "المداومة علي استخدام الحلويات التي تمضغ." onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" onmouseout="'#fff'">"> Avoid stimulants (tea, coffee). Exercises a deep breath to avoid places and circumstances where they are likely refer to smoking, especially in the first three weeks." Pursue the use of sweets to chew.
Resist the strong desire to go back to smoking ticket self that this desire will disappear with or without smoking.

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