Get rid of toxins and depression .. water

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Get rid of toxins and depression .. water

We know that water constitutes about 60% of the weight of the human body .. and that the body loses a large amount of water daily through urine, exhaled breath, evaporation of sweat through the skin, especially during hot weather or when exercising . How do we compensate this loss of water during the fasting period in excess of 14 hours a day??

Must first recognize the importance of water for the body and which can be summarized as follows:

- Finds the body of water, waste and toxins that it is composed, for example, water is the ease of urine is a very important process because of the dangers that may be caused by kidney stones, if not reduce urine constantly.

- His active role in the digestion process, and is an essential element in the transfer of components of food, vitamins and nutrients to different parts of the body.

- Regulates body temperature optimized, through sweating at higher body temperature.

- Keep water on the skin freshness and vitality .. as the intake of adequate water to maintain the flexibility of the body and health.

- Finally, water is reducing the proportion of salt in the blood, and thus remove the effects of depression and increases feelings of vitality and activity. And so does not deprive the body of the benefits of water is recommended doctors should be compensated it addressing the permanent loss of water and other fluids, and a lot of foods that contains a vast amount of water, such as vegetables and fruit .. and point out that a healthy person should address at least eight glasses of water a day .. but the actual requirement of the body of water is determined by dividing the weight on the 8 and the result is the number of cups of water which the body needs per day .. without the expense of water used in making tea and coffee because it contains caffeine, which helps the body's water loss.

- In Ramadan must be taken to address the quantity necessary for the body in the period from iftar until suhur on many times, and contains Jbta breakfast and Suhour on liquids and foods rich in water Kalkhaddrawat and fresh fruit and breeding of species that contain a high proportion of water, such as lettuce , cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, oranges, pears and grapes, which makes the body retain water for a long time and reduces the sense of thirst or drought .. in addition to being a good source of vitamins and minerals .. I also prefer to delay suhoor and they do not contain a large amount of pickles and materials and spicy meats or processed, such as Albestrmp because they contain high levels of salt, spices, Maxbat taste that gives a sense of thirst throughout the period of fasting .. also can compensate for the loss of water and a great deal of eating yogurt and yogurt ..

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