The problem of malnutrition among the most serious health problems

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The problem of malnutrition among the most serious health problems

The problem of malnutrition among the most serious health problems that human exposure to diseases of many start delayed growth ..

Anemia and ends and then the most recent studies of food in the world calling for the need to balance food in all daily meals to distance himself from human diseases that impede his own hand, and the march of human progress on the other.

One of the main factors that lead to malnutrition: loss of appetite and therefore a lack of food intake per day .. Parasitic infections and infectious diseases .. Growth retardation of children .. Do not rely on breast milk and irregular eating .. Misuse of antibiotics, causing the elimination of intestinal bacteria generating some vitamins and finally poverty, famine or lack of awareness of the balance in the health food.

Malnutrition and other serious consequences, the most important: Impaired response of the body to form white blood cells .. Loss of immunity, leading to an increased incidence of infectious diseases and thereby increase the rates of death

Rickets, a disease where Aledam lead to distorted during the period of growth. Rickets resulting from a lack of:

* Calcium salts which give the bone hardness.
* A lack of vitamin D, which proves calcium on the bone.

thyroid gland

Thyroid Gland, Anterior View

Iodine material necessary for the body as the lead to lack of serious diseases:
* Inflation in the thyroid gland
* Intellectual delay in children

The use of iodized salt and eating fish and seafood as a means of effective preventive

Dry eye disease caused by a lack of vitamin A damages the cornea and may lead to blindness

Diabetes drilling

Illness resulting from a lack of vitamin C is characterized by:
* Erosion of teeth and Fall
* Inflammation of the gums
* Bleeding in the mouth
* The patient gradually weaken and may cause the disease to death

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