Medical advice for computer users

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Medical advice for computer users

1 - do not tune back in order to avoid the pain of the spine.

2 - do not tune your neck to avoid neck pain.

3 - Use a wheelchair (with wheels) instead of the hard disk.

4 - must be the Holy capable of high and low so that the chair seat in the level of your knees.

5 - must be the Holy capable of movement left and right, and backrest capable of movement back and forth to rest back

6 - Avoid excessive sitting at the computer unnecessarily.

7 - You must be an implicit and Holy Othira to prevent pressure points on the body because of the long sit.

8 - must be supportive chair of the annexes, preferably the kind with rubber and not wood.

9 - supporting annexes must be capable of lifting and reduction to fit with the level of the shoulders and the table.

10 - There must be a rear support for the back to conform to the natural curvature of the back.

11 - Use the mouse pads with wrist support.

12 - size should be commensurate with the size of the mouse hand on the mouse to fill the palm.

13 - should be at eye level in the level of the middle of the screen.

14 - You must be the screen that can be moved up and down.

15 - Avoid close approach of the screen and kept at a distance of 45-70 cm from the screen.

16 - Avoid bright lighting of the screen and choose dark backgrounds and use the lcd screen dimmed lighting rather than traditional screens.

17 - Use'd fascination and scattered light in front of the screen.

18 - Use the support of (pedal slashes higher) to your feet.

19 - Move your body while seated on a chair and after each hour of work then five minutes to play sports or walk a little light.

20 - to avoid the dry eye Take periods of rest and close your eyes every time to time and drink plenty of water and reduced drinks containing caffeine, and use eye drops as prescribed by the doctor, and use air fresheners in the winter, and wash your face with warm water every two hours.

21 - You must be the keyboard by the high susceptibility italics are not a little flat on the table.

22 - should be distributed muscular effort to work equally not be loaded on the shoulders.

23 - Knowing the correct way to print greatly reduce the pain of the wrist and fingers.

24 - If I felt any pain in the fingers or wrist or neck or shoulders or back check with your doctor immediately.

25 - prefer to wear their lenses Nzart reflective Antireflection brands of good medical.

26 - Stand texts holder should be at eye level.

27 - Protection of rheumatic pain, use wooden tables lining instead of glass or plastic.

28 - If you have a susceptibility to deep vein clots occur in the feet DVT check with your doctor to give you appropriate advice.

29 - It is natural that the mouse and keyboard at the same level and perhaps the mouse between the screen and keyboard are rare and cumbersome to be a mouse beside or behind the screen.

30 - the best mode of writing that is where the elbow joint in a corner of the list and not obtuse but it is recommended to move the joints of each period and not install them for so long to develop one.

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