Instructions that must be followed by the patient after the deposition

 -  عدم البصق أو غسل الفم أو المضمضة لمدة

- Non-spit or mouth wash or rinse the mouth for a period of

- Non-spit or mouth wash or rinse the mouth for at least 24 hours after a divorce so as not to directly lead to the bleeding except one light to wash.
2 - put a piece of sterile gauze and bite down for at least half an hour, then remove it and put the other one for the same period.
3 - After removing the screen Do not try to tamper with in the place of divorce or your tongue with your finger or brush or otherwise so as not to lead to bleeding.
4 - to refrain from smoking for 24 hours at least.
5 - not to drink or eat hot for a period of at least 24 hours after the divorce.
6 - Do not eat on the side on which it is divorce for 24 hours.
7 - cold drink or eat after 6 hours at least after extraction.
8 - than usual and a slight swelling in the body that has had the surgery from a narrow mouth opening, do not panic it.
9 - than usual and there is redness in the saliva after a divorce, do not panic it.
10 - continued to flee Yesh your teeth as usual after extraction in 24 hours.
11 - after extraction with 24-hour rinses his mouth with warm water in which dissolved a bit of salt from three to four times a day for three days.
12 - in case of continued bleeding from the place of divorce for more than 6 hours or the presence of complications, God forbid, you should see a doctor.
13 - Complete the treatment prescribed for you from the physician according to the instructions and the specified period even after the demise of the symptoms that you complain of them.

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