Nutrition tips for the period of examinations

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Nutrition tips for the period of examinations

Houses began preparing for the approach of the end of year exams and prepared meals maternal health
Stimulant for the mind
Helping children
To absorb the lessons well .. Akl sound in a sound body
Tips and nutrition experts as follows
* Eating vegetables provide the body with minerals and vitamins needed for that
It is very important especially
Fresh vegetables ..
Must also be concerned mothers provide their children with vitamins available in the vehicle
Liver, spinach and meat
Red, white and egg yolk.

* A cup to two cups of orange juice protects against natural insomnia and increases
The body's immunity.

* Caloric intake necessary for the body is found in abundance Kalkrbohaidarat
In fruits, lentils and green beans.

* Exercise to improve the functioning of the body so it does not catch a student at night, making it

Tired can not sleep or studying are advised to exercise this afternoon exercises also prefer taking a bath
Warm before bedtime to help relax and sleep comfortable.

Current smoking on the number of hours the student adequate sleep makes clear the mind of the next day,
And therefore more able to comprehend and remember.

It warns of species addressed frequently in the run-up examinations
* Avoid stimulants such as tea and coffee because they are the main causes of mental and physical stress
Lack of focus and because of the positive for substances such as caffeine, which is working to alert the Heart
And diuresis
Which increases the loss of calcium and increase the bile infectious, tension and headaches, as it affects the student
Digestive disorders such as constipation or diarrhea, which affects him, especially in these times
Where they need to focus and psychological comfort and recommends replacement of these stimulants
Herbs such as:
Anise, mint and ginger.

* The nutrition experts point to the seriousness of a lot of carbohydrates rapid decomposition
Launched the fuel quickly and to weaken the intelligence and reduce the proportion of mental absorption
And Chchlmakrp, which is found in sugar and white bread and sweets
Such as cakes and biscuits

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