Sesame oil and its benefits

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Sesame oil and its benefits

- Disclosure of scientific research conducted by the researcher, Prof. Kamal El Din Hussein Taher, a teacher at King Saud University in Riyadh that the strength of AV materials, sesame oil, superior to the contents of Viagra produced by the company Fayez America early in 1999 for the treatment of ED, and it is completely free from any complications or health risks can be be reflected on the drug users.

- The Professor Kamaluddin had conducted a thorough study on the sesame oil, and received a patent court internationally, the study showed that sesame oil Asiri, which is produced by traditional methods simple contemporary Asir region contains fatty acids, such as: acid Alleno to Iik and Aloololtic, the acids help building cell membranes and the production of the subjects and Albroostjlnden Albroosta Schaelin, articles Alokadan in the treatment of ED. The researcher said in an interview with Al (home): extracting oil from seeds of sesame, which is resistant to oxidation, and contains fatty acids, saturated and unsaturated hydrogen, and the rate of acid is saturated to 79.5% and the rate of acid Alleno of the subscriber alone to 47% of the total components oil, and this is the acid of the basic materials needed by the body for the construction and building membranes foreign cells, and the construction of lipid phosphorous, which is the backbone of cell membranes and Food myelin in the nerves and neurons, and contributes to energy production and stimulate the process of metabolism in Mottagrrat cells, the body converts acid Leno Operator of the enzyme by acid Orkidonnel which the body
Convert it to substances called Almothinat (Albroostglndenat) of the most important rule Chaelin prostate. And turn it into substances called Allyukotrainat Among the most important material for Yukotrain a section B-4 core to activate the immune cells and immune system in general. Sesame oil also contains some natural oxidation inhibitors such as vitamin E, also contains material not found in any other oil, such as materials and Seesamyn Cisamolin and Cisamul.

He said: The lack of linoleic acid in the body lead to neurological disorders, skin diseases, such as cracks, eczema, and disease hyperkeratotic follicle dermal, and needs of people over the tenth to the amount of 6 grams of this acid a day, while children under ten ranges they need between 4-8 grams per day, Overall, the 15 ml of sesame oil per day covering this requirement, or a large spoon can be added to food daily.

He added: Through our research of scientific experimental Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy at King Saud University in Riyadh, we discovered multiple capabilities of the sesame oil, it is able to increase the manufacturing material Brostaschaelin responsible for the activation of sexual males, and prevents the accumulation of platelets, and helps to prevent the occurrence of clots and blood clots in each of the veins and arteries, especially coronary heart which would benefit the patients stroke, and lowers arterial blood pressure, weakens receptor alpha 1 Alodrinleyp responsible for high blood pressure, and activates
Receptor beta - 2 Alodrinleyp with the extraordinary expansion of blood vessels and the people and bronchial pneumonia, which helps prevent asthma attacks (the crisis). And help prevent the occurrence of duodenal ulcers and Almtip (Twelver). Helping to revitalize the secretion of eggs and increase the percentage of fertilization, and help blastocyst (clot) to indulge in the uterus, and reduce the incidence of early abortion in the first days of pregnancy. Nor does it pose any threat and does not carry any harmful side effects when you abuse the health of the fetus during pregnancy. As well as
Ability in the secretion of bile salts from the gallbladder which helps digest fatty foods so as to enable the body to benefit from them fully, and helps to absorb vitamins such as vitamins, fatty acids (a. D. E) as it does not lead to raised cholesterol or glucose in the blood.

Do more than sesame oil cholesterol in the blood?. The answer: It contains the seeds of sesame oils fixed or sesame oil rate (4060%), namely: Glycerin to oleic acid by 37 49% acid Alaionolik 35 48%, acid Albaltic 7 9% acid Alstearik 4 5%, and sesame oil contains no cholesterol and contains vitamin E (E) and calcium, sesame seeds and type Blackener or which tends to black is a good kind of sesame seeds and sesame is beneficial to the liver, kidneys, and dizziness or vertigo and beneficial to the generation of breast milk or breastfeeding, a repellent to the wind from the bowel. sesame beneficial treatment of darkness or lack of clarity in Vision and beneficial in improving the hearing and to give gray hair, then he does talk, as well as in the treatment of hair that was missing after the disease and finally, it Ielaj constipation, either sesame oil is beneficial to the skin, therefore, included in the cosmetics .. Sesame seeds and oil should not be given to people who suffer from diarrhea, the dose of seeds for an adult from 9 to 15 grams per day.

Been used for thousands of years and knows Balhamshm and Asulait
Sesame oil protects against hardening of the arteries, poor digestion and used Melina and facilitating
Sesame oil is known by several names such as Hamshm and Geljlan and Jazari or El Serg and south of the kingdom known Basulait extracted sesame oil from the seeds of sesame, known scientifically as Sesamum indica of the platoon Semsmia Pedalinacea and sesame plant grass around the height of some meters, with foot upright has green leaves purple oval shape, each carrying a branch from the twigs of the plant flower color pink bell-shaped ovary.

The fruit of the plant is a capsule filled with seeds small, brown or white color and there may be sesame grate in some markets .. the original home of sesame: China produces 40% of world production, followed by India, Burma, Turkey, Mexico, Sudan, Saudi Arabia produces oil, sesame crop national has commercial value, and the development of Kingdom's production of sesame, producing eastern region of about 3 tons per year and chaste and waist about 49 tons per year and Qassim about one ton, Mecca, about 220 tons of Asir and about 1200 tons and patio about 3 tons and Jizan, about 260 tons annually.

The kingdom imports large amounts of sesame seeds from the following countries: Norway, India, China, Jordan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania and the largest exporter of sesame seeds of the Kingdom of the Sudan, where the proportion of the UK import, 65%, followed by Ethiopia.

What is the chemical contents in sesame seeds?

Sesame seeds contain fixed oil per range between 41-63% and the rate depends on the oil product and the farming and climatic factors. It also contains the seed proteins by 26% and sugars by 12-13% and metals by 8 / 5% acid Alaczalik rate, 252% and vitamins per 015. 26%. And the amount of water by 74% and contains protein amino acids, such as various acid Alglutmik, Argentina, Alliossin Vnail alanine and valine and Alaizuliossin and threonine and Altyrustin and methionine and Allaizin and histidine and Altraithwvan and cysteine and therefore, sesame seeds, is one of the richest seed these acids that have significant impacts on the human body. The sesame oil firm, a user on a large scale is composed of Cilredat fat variety contains fatty acids, saturated and unsaturated hydrogen Tokovirollat (a group of vitamin E) and Ahmyat phosphorous such as Vsfo ISO Ntid and Vsfatydel ethanol Secretary and Vsva Tidil Colin and Astirollat which include beta SITOSTEROL and Kampstrul and Stjmastrul. It also contains oil on Seesamyn and Cisamolin and Cisamul The most important acids found in sesame oil are linolenic acid and acid Alaolnik acid and linolenic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid Alarhediek. Are there other plants of sesame? Yes, there are several kinds of sesame, which is extracted also include sesame oil, but oil content varies from one species to another with a proportion of oil in each of them as follows: 97 98% Sesamum Orientale35% Sesamum radiatum33% Sesamum sesmoides31% Sesamum angustifolium25% Sesamum angolense.

What are the uses of sesame?

- Using sesame thousands of years ago it was stated in recipes Pharaonic as mentioned in the Papyrus Eiberz medical as part of the spray useless to remove the pain of the knee and medicine clutch, and scientists have found several drawings in the tomb of Ramses III tells us that the name of the sesame, and found his name at the time (Hamshm) have found several cups filled with sesame seeds in one of the tombs of Thebes, and scientists realized that the pharaohs known cultivation of sesame and dug up from seed oils and used in food, treatment and the manufacture of some cosmetics. The Ibn Sina in sesame "sesame laxative moderate Aloskhan, is beneficial to the divisive and foul play, spleen, laxative drink and paint and will go on Hair, especially liquor tree paper, analyzes the tumors, acute beneficial to burn fire. if they drink fat goes cough Albulgmip and bloody special Bnkia patience and water raisins. heal by thicken nerves, benefit the strikes the eye and Ormha, good to shortness of breath and asthma. is useful for colon and herbal teas sesame severe Adrar menstruation.

And said that Ibn Al-Bitar, "sesame is beneficial to the schism drink, painting and fattened. Useful for shortness of breath, asthma, and said that David Antioch" sesame hot, humid and know sesame oil Balserj remain strong for seven years and is useful in feeding and the reform of the kidneys and eliminates chronic cough if cooked in a pomegranate, and filtered sound and removes roughness lung and the chest, itching, scabies and not sabotage it did not cut it something in the Azhab itching. Analyze asthma and shortness of breath and coughing, and sores. "Regarding the use of sesame in the Kingdom is through the study of folk medicine in the project turned out to be citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also used widely as follows: internal use:

Sesame oil is used to prevent arteries from hardening and easy to digest. Use sesame oil if taken him to fill a large spoon to take a laxative and more than that was the facilitator. Using sesame as a vehicle described as a facilitator in the form of paste composed of white you want scrubbed and peeled, Sesame Sugar Slemathi and equal parts of McD where a wedge is taken of them, 15 oz. Using sesame as a vehicle described against yellow sputum and used the recipe in the form of paste composed of want a white scrubbed Medkouka Dakka fine by 2 ounces, sugar Soleimani, 15 ounces, to the door of safflower ounce, sesame, peeled and almond sweet peeled from each one, 13 ounce, Sagmunya, 15 ounce, so that beats everyone soft honey and knead the foam skimmed it and add saffron in very small amounts and the amount taken from the mixture, 15 ounce and drink with warm water at night. Using sesame oil drops in the ear to kill the insects that enter the ear and taking them out of it. Using sesame oil massage for children when you see the teeth, where massage the neck and jaws, as well as the head. Sfofa used sesame seeds after roasting for fattening. If using the mix after frying with poppy seeds and linseed to increase sexual power. Used sesame seeds Sfofa the shortness of breath, asthma, and also benefit to the problems of the colon. If you drink it soaked sesame yield menstruation and fall of the fetus. If the human material to eat it with cheese, it always goes ulcer. If you drink soaked sesame seeds can be cured rough throat and cough.

The Uses of Foreign Affairs:

Using sesame oil massage of the places in which the tumors under the skin as a result of the marks of beatings and whips and bruises. If painted paws sesame oil in which the cracks heal it. Boiled sesame leaves, stems, if the hair wash it and feel the Inamh. If pomade sesame oil cooked in water pH, it strengthens the hair. If mixing sesame oil in kind wax and the work of his band on the face of what they described as the soft side and still costs a good color, and if bandaged by the crippling still cracks in, if bound up by the nerve twisted unrolled and passed back to normal, and if painted by the places where the spasm in the human body to benefit and removes Ringworm (skin diseases caused by fungi are usually in the head).

Using sesame oil with petroleum jelly to treat skin infections, wounds and burns. Sesame oil is used in the vehicle described under the name of chamomile, a fat Sesame oil by Rtalan, chamomile flowers Aoukitin, Circuit Aoukitin, mix them all together in Garor and placed in the sun for forty days, and this recipe hot and sweaty. Sesame oil is used in the recipe vehicle known as the fat Wormwood is heated to members and reinforcing it consists of sesame oil and twenty-one ounce, wormwood Rummy Aoukitan. Mixing and put in a bottle and left in the sun for forty days, and then used. Sesame oil is used in the recipe vehicle known as fat Alsmab used to the pain of kidney, bladder and pain of the uterus. These uses are the uses of traditional medicine in Saudi Arabia may be true may be wrong.

Sesame uses in modern medicine:

- The seeds of sesame seeds rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and therefore can benefit from the presence of these metals in the treatment of weakness and lethargy and the weakness of the nerves and elasticity of bones, the inertia of some enzymes from the lack of these minerals. That to deal with some people healthy oil, sesame seeds for several days, has weakened the ability of platelets the congestion has also led to a breach of the level of treatment and increase the speed Alfberongen decompose in the blood. Meanwhile, one study revealed that to deal with rats, sesame oil, a dose of crimes / kg of body weight daily subcutaneous injections for two weeks led to visit the manufacturing Brostaschaelin article in the arteries and to prevent the accumulation of platelets updated material Eladinusin phosphate. The proportion of what it is doing article Alfberongen and the accumulation of platelets and the capacity of Alberstaschaelin to expand blood vessels and reducing arterial blood pressure, these results clearly suggest the possibility inherent in this oil in the prevention and treatment of blood clots, especially in patients with angina pectoris and patients with hypertension. Have to address some of healthy humans sesame oil to increase the secretion of bile in the intestine has been the ability of these special sesame oil to stimulate the secretion of Cole Stokanin with the ability to increase muscle cramps, gall bladder and open bumper Audi. According to this property on the ability of sesame oil to assist in the metabolism of fatty food and absorb Gveadtha and increases the absorption of vitamins that dissolve in fat, such as vitamins A, b, e, making it the food appropriate for some patients who suffer from indigestion for a lack of bile.

- The impact of sesame oil on patients with hyperkeratosis, skin suffering from a severe shortage in the level of unsaturated fatty acids with hydrogen in the blood, skin and when treatment of these patients oil, sesame for several weeks increased the level of polyunsaturated fatty acids with hydrogen in the blood and skin was removed and symptoms of skin. Enter sesame grate and non-peeled in the manufacture of sweets and pastries, dates and uses the oil with the authorities and the frying.

Also called olive oil (Asulait), and as a popular saying that says "Asulait Damocles on each disease."

Sesame is grown originally in India, China, Africa and Latin America and southern Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Sudan.

Sesame oil is also used in the manufacture of soap, detergents, oils, bath and body care, and moisturizing creams, massage oils, moisturizers and lips, as well as for use in the food and treatment.

Its usefulness for women:

- If the symptoms of menopause, it is recommended to use sesame oil to relieve drought during menopause. Women are having a problem due to this deterioration in the levels of female hormone vaginal lining becomes dry, which may lead to pain or tightness during intercourse. And is used by a clean piece of cloth where the sesame oil softening position.

Use in cooking:

- Since ancient times was sesame oil used in cooking for aroma and flavor of excellent quality with a lot on the preferences of other oils such as olive, sesame oil is used in cooking net types and the authorities, chickpeas and beans, and gives a unique flavor.

Used for menstrual pain:

- In the case of pain associated with menstrual cycle, the sesame oil is used externally on the lower abdomen to ease cramps and stomach pain caused by muscle spasms in the menstrual cycle, which is generating significantly of menstruation so that it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Used to soften the skin:

- Sesame oil is one of the best natural materials that give skin clarity and brighter and is recommended for use in case of dry and sensitive skin. It is also used effectively in the case of sensitive skin and body-sensitive, especially accompanied by severe itching, including those affecting sensitive areas of the body.

Cure for sciatica:

- According to medical studies of the many benefits of sesame experience has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of sciatica and a mixture consisting of a teaspoon of ginger powder mixed with three tablespoons of sesame oil, then add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Rub this mixture of pain site several times per day until the pain disappears.

In the case of (massage):

- Recommended to use sesame oil to massage the body due to its special qualities. Sesame oil is pressed is best suited to the work of the body massage tonic and laxative for the skin and gives the skin a brightness unexpected.

Usefulness of the heart:

- According to the American Heart Association, the sesame oil benefits the heart with the assistance of the body to remove cholesterol because it activates the movement of blood in the arteries leading to remove cholesterol deposits modern configuration. Sesame oil also helps to prevent hardening of the arteries, and the sesame oil benefits in increasing the activity of the blood because it contains Vitamin "C" a phenomenon which is stimulating the heart and clean arteries as a result of a strong rush of blood in the arteries.

Other benefits:

- According to sesame oil in addressing the lack of clarity Alrup, dizziness, headache, and fortify the body during recovery from prolonged illness or severe in general, and the sesame oil also the reputation in India as a home It can relieve anxiety and insomnia using a few drops directly into the nostrils, where carrying capillaries in the nose, its usefulness to the brain.

Sesame oil is known as a user in a number of therapeutic uses it is used from an old laxative for the digestive system is still so far due to the effects of laxatives

A massage sesame oil

When massage:
- Recommends that the massage oil in the morning before taking a warm bath or shower or before bedtime. It is best to allow the oil to absorb into the skin by leaving a period of about 20 minutes before washing or bath. This gives time for the infiltration of through the skin and remove all impurities.

Oils for use:
- Recommended to use sesame oil because of its special qualities. Oil is sesame cake cool is best suited for the work of massage tonic for the body and Softening the skin and gives the skin a brightness is expected, some prefer to use coconut oil in the summer, because of its impact cold, which may be more willing, especially in a climate warmer, It is a proposal to try sesame oil has its results many positive and Stdhish sense you feel in general, and the results obtained.

How to tackle the sesame oil:
- Must be dealt with sesame oil massage and allocated to it by pouring the newly pressed sesame oil in a pot and heated over low heat to 100 degrees a boiling point of water. Can see the arrival of the oil to heat the water by adding drops of the oil and begin heating and when you start the water droplets evaporate, it means the arrival of the oil to the boiling point of water. Must be gradually heating oil. When it leaves the oil to cool and when cooled completely returned to his vessel past and be ready for a massage.

Heating oil for use:
- Before you start Msajk placed a quantity of oil (about 50 ml or less) in a small bowl that can be placed in a bowl or mug of very hot water in order to allow oil to heat to the extent acceptable to make it clear that the degree of burning hot skin. Alternatively, you can put a bottle of oil in a pot of hot water containing the largest and Taatrki there for a while so that warm oil once it's warm, you are ready to begin Msajk.

Where is the massage:
- Some people prefer to work Msaghm in the bathroom normally, and it is recommended to avoid pouring oil on the bedspreads. In winter prefer there to be water vapor in the bathroom by opening the hot water until consists vapor inside the bathroom because it will help open the pores of the skin and allow the oil Baltgll into the skin to give effect to the best. Inside the room may use the heater as well.

Alidlk how it works:
- Removing clothes completely and pour oil in the palm of the hand and then rub the skin by hand until the skin absorbs the oil and repeat this as many times as needed with the opportunity to note that leaves the skin to absorb the oil before washing with warm water. The use of circular movements, massage areas and joints circular Kaloctav facilities and Alorak, chest and abdomen, and pat on the long bones and regions straight neck, legs and arms and Alfajaz. As well as gently massage the ears and scalp with a note the increase in the amount of oil on the head and scalp massage in a circular motion to the scalp. On foot must be given sufficient time to use weapons in Tillich soles of the feet thumb pressure on all areas and do not forget between the toes and massage each finger separately. After 20 minutes Yuhz a hot bath (not too hot) to rinse away impurities undeveloped by oil. And if time permits, the shower for a long time lead to a better result.

Massage oil in a concise:
- If time did not permit Palmsag full, it prefers to work the path of manual massage instead of fail Massage entirely. The way the manual massage can be done in a minute Aodeghiqtin soon to attend the warm oil just focused on the head and feet are as follows:

* External ears: gently but carefully

* Forehead: from side to side

* Neck, back and front: Kfima ago

* Foot: Insider Football Balkovv strongly - the toes with your fingers: Easily

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