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chickpeas many kinds of transgressing white and red, black and Alchrisni and from the gardener and land, and amplify Arab doctors veterans to talk about its benefits, he said about Ibn Sina:

It's use in other tumors and accurate sores malicious, itching and headache and tumors under the ears and the cooking is useful for jaundice, dropsy and open fired liver
and spleen and should not be eaten in the first food or in the end, but eaten in the middle and cooking type black it heartbreaking bladder stone, kidney, and all Osnavh out the fetus, and chickpeas in modern medicine uses the generating of Paul and fragmented the stones and Msmona and stimulus of the nerves, brain and advised the work of the soup, chick peas, for children aged 4 - 5 years.

Chickpea hot Rdobn generate urine, Galloway freckles and improves color Ocala and coating, and the benefit of tumor hot solid and back ache, filtering, color and sound any Seaouhp, and if cooked chickpeas in water with cumin and Dar China and dill Preheat the body cool and cut blends the large and fragmented kidney stones and gravel in the
bladder, and God knows best.

Chickpea occupies a prominent place on our plates, and occupied by the tables of all countries of the Mediterranean basin popular dish is common.
It is eaten cooked and boiled and powder. Although it is difficult to digest but it provides the body with materials of high nutritional value.
Researchers have demonstrated that chickpea has a high-quality protein compared with meat, in addition to materials other anti-oxidants help prevent heart disease and cancer.

The scientists who relied on their research on the use of hybrid plants, Homs, and not genetically modified, it contains good amounts of material that can be used by cosmetic companies for the manufacture of creams to prevent wrinkles.
Can also be used as an alternative to milk for children, because it is less productive materials allergens compared to soybean, which is commonly used for this purpose.

- Dr. Ram Reifin, senior researchers, that contain the daily diet of 50-60 grams of foods containing chickpeas, Kalmsobhp and rift and chickpeas with oil and falafel and Albulilp, the food cheap but nutritional value is good, helps in getting the positive effects.

- According to nutrition experts, the dry chickpeas contains 14.4 per cent by weight of water and 9.5 per cent of fatty substances, and 24 per cent protein, as well as 2.4 per cent gray material and 5.48 percent cellulosic materials.

The content of mineral salts is to 219 Miljerama of sulfur and 350 Miljerama of phosphorus, and 50 Miljerama of chlorine, in addition to 930 Miljerama of potassium and 60 Miljerama of calcium, and 5.5 Miljeramat of iron per hundred grams of it, and provides a cup per from about
80 calories.

And is made from chickpeas, also a type of game, nuts, commonly known Balqdhamp, which depends on the kind way roasting chickpea grain after drying. It contains Alqdhamp 18 per cent by weight of protein and 5 per cent of fatty substances, and provides a half cup of which about 80 calories.

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