Do you find that you suffer from high blood cholesterol

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Do you find that you suffer from high blood cholesterol

* If you work to reduce it.
The high cholesterol and saturated fat eating alarming incidence of heart disease and stroke.

* I've found that people who have low cholesterol and their food, relying on eating vegetarian is the incidence of heart disease have few, have low cholesterol, in the rural areas of China where the average cholesterol level of 127 a proportion of cardiovascular diseases have to be extremely rare.
* Reducing the rate of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL chol), a "bad" cholesterol to less than 100 complete and cholesterol (Total chol) is less than 150 guarantees to reduce the incidence of heart attacks.
* The body needs cholesterol for digesting fatty meals in the manufacture of hormones and building cells and in other missions.
* Carries blood cholesterol to various body tissues for use or storage or to get rid of mobile particles (Lipoproteins) name, but many of these molecules in the blood, especially in the arteries that supply the heart leads to organ damage and bird deposits saturated with cholesterol cholesterol laden plaques)) and this so-called hardening of the arteries ( atherosclerosis).
* Coronary heart disease and stroke caused by hardening of the coronary arteries that feed the heart muscle with blood and oxygen.
* Hardening of the arteries in the initial stages to be without symptoms. Any person is infected with atherosclerosis for several years without having had any complaints or signs of harm.
* Symptoms and signs of the pathogenesis of heart disease appear only when Itadhaq artery by high or there is blockage of the entire artery (where they can not move blood in sufficient quantity where they can not get blood forever, or be the amount of blood that reach is not sufficient) and decreases the proportion of oxygen to the heart muscle with a high degree.

Obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes all lead to rapid progression of atherosclerosis and increase the incidence of heart disease.

* Shown in Figure explain how such high cholesterol and coronary artery damage to the heart muscle.

Persons who are required to an examination of the blood fat and cholesterol:

All those who were over the age of twenty should be examination of the blood fats
- (Cholesterol comprehensive Total chol).

- LDL chol LDL cholesterol ie bad)).

- (High density cholesterol any beneficial HDL chol).

- (And triglycerides Triglycerides).

* When they know the person has a fat may determine the proportion of the possibility of heart disease, if we know other factors that play a role in the incidence of cardiovascular disease (risk factors).
* High cholesterol disease, a family look for family history and discussed with your doctor.
* Multi-unsaturated fat (Polyunsaturated fat) and mono-saturated fats monounsaturated fat and saturated fat (saturated fat).

* There are some types of fat are better than the other mono unsaturated fat found in olive oil and canola oil and avocados. Oils and multi-desaturation found in fish and vegetable oils (vegetable oils) and saturated fats that raise cholesterol in the blood and the body is facing because of the difficulty in getting rid of cholesterol.

* Saturated fat found in different proportions in most types of animal foods such as butter, some oils, meat and birds.
* Fish oil and fat acids Omega -3 (omega fatty acids).

What are the benefits of fat acids Omega -3?
* There is scientific evidence that fish oil (rich in omega-painted 3) reduces the risk of sudden cardiac death, and some scientists believe that these fatty acids improve the level of body fat (cholesterol and triglycerides and increase the beneficial cholesterol HDL chol).
* And reduces the rate of coronary heart disease
* Therefore recommends the American Heart Association American Heart Association)) by eating fish twice a week.

* Asterol plants (plant Strols) colloidal or viscous fibers (viscous fibers) soybeans (soybean) whole grain / brown (whole wheat cereals), nuts (walnuts)
N Some Sitosterol plant fibers have a characteristic found to reduce blood fats by preventing the absorption of cholesterol from the intestines of food and also reduces c reactive protein (c-reactive protein) is another factor that leads to cardiac injury.

* Soy protein reduces cholesterol manufacture in the liver.

* Fiber, foam or sticky, such as psyllium over the loss of cholesterol walnuts and walnut oil contains acid Allanolink (alpha lanolinic acid) and this leads to improved blood vessel function, also nuts and similar nuts contain omega -3 is useful such as eating fat fish that live cold-water fish such as mackerel (mackend), salmon and herring (herring), also contains almond oil Alostrul vegetable fats and mono-saturated.
* Margarine (migrains) Sitosterol-containing plant is effective in reducing cholesterol.

* So the American Heart Association recommends eating plants containing omega-3 such as walnuts, soybeans, flaxseed oil, and others. But Mazalta need more studies to prove the effectiveness of Allanolik acid (ALA) for the prevention of heart disease.

The food recommended for lowering cholesterol:

* Fruit - green vegetables.

* Nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts).
* Seeds, peas, beans, beans, beans.
* Full grain or grain (brown) bread and baked goods, which are eaten daily.
* Fresh fish, frozen, or canned in water twice a week.
* Meat and poultry without skin, fat and disarm them before cooking and Choi.
* Oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil, safflower oil or saffron, flaxseed oil, soybean oil, canola, corn oil, sesame oil.
* Butter plant.
* Skim milk and its derivatives, such as stripped-fat yogurt (yoghurt), cottage cheese.
* Eggs without any egg yolk eggs (egg yolk, eaten 3 times a week).
* Cover the power of unsaturated oils.
* Popcorn without butter or vegetable oils Marge.
* When you buy food, examine the label for fat content and cholesterol American Heart Organization recommends that less than 30% of daily calories from fat and less than 10% of calories from saturated fat.

The following things can be used freely:

* Vinegar, spices, herbs, non-greasy sauce, Mustardh, soy sauce, flavorings (favoring essence).
* Daily exercise with proper diet lowers cholesterol, the two together, exercise not only reduces weight but increase the level of HDL cholesterol or good HDL chol.
* Aerobic exercises (aerobics) are exercises that increase heart rate, such as swimming - Running - Walking ride a bike, should be held 20-30 - minutes of aerobic exercise every other day, if they were not practiced yoga before you must start the sports program gradually and performed stretching (stretch) before and after exercise. Control cholesterol diet = healthy + exercise + screening blood cholesterol.

Foods that should be avoided
* Pork, salted or smoked products, and lard.
* Meat mixed with fat.
* Member of the meat, liver, kidneys.
* Almayornp birds such as ducks, geese and skin and fat of turkey and chicken.
* Luncheon meat - salami (spicy or dried) sausage meat processing.
* Fast food (hamburgers, Frankfurter is saturated fat.
* Seafood Lobster, crab or shrimp shrimp, oysters eaten economy to the extent of small and negligible.
* Fish canned in oil.
* Butter, animal oils, fats (coconut oil, palm oil, peanut oil or peanuts).
* Gravy.
* Fried foods (snack food) such as fried potatoes.
* Commercial Power clays made from saturated oils, sauces full-fat kind.
* Whole milk and dairy products from yogurt or yoghurt, cheese, precious stones, pudding, ice cream, decent alternatives without milk, full fat milk Alkako.
* Baked with butter solids, pasta with eggs and whole milk such as Donuts and Aldainc, loaves of bread with sugar (sweet rolls), chocolate, nuts, candies. Sudanese hydrogenated butter. Drink the juice Center syrup, fruit juices with added sugar.
* Sparkling beverages, soft drinks.
* Alcoholic beverages.

* We recall that the food must be allowed to be dealt with reasonably and Anserf eat.
• If the high blood triglycerides should avoid eating sweets and limit the consumption of carbohydrates and starchy, and is made from white flour, potatoes, and sugar.
* The sugars increase the rate of blood sugar and stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin, the increase by chronic insulin increase the weight and hardening of the arteries.

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  2. Cholesterol is not completely bad. There are two types known as HDL which is good for health and LDL which is bad for health. There are list of foods to low cholesterol. Apple, garlic and onion are the best for cholesterol. Even walnuts, almonds, avocados, olives, flax seed oil, beans and other green leafy vegetables are good for health. For more details refer list of foods that help to lower cholesterol

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