Cervical Cancer

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Cervical Cancer

Human Papilloma Virus HPV

Silent diseases more dangerous than those that provide clues and advance warning of the necessity to go to undergo a check when the competent doctor! And the human body is generally exposed to various setbacks and the diseases that cause him by surprise. And women, also suffer from problems that may begin to slightly worsen if not treated ... cervical cancer types of cancer killer of women's health and threaten the territorial integrity because it starts hidden, suggesting significance of the other, but in the heart may spread to affects the rest of the body and disables functions. Hence, prevention is essential to try to early detection of any speeches Ms. Willem, in order to anticipate and address the subject matter from the outset through a simple short period. At first glance, it seems that cancer is one disease has no cure, HIV disobeyed his doctors, and the problem not the solution. However, this is untrue, because it is now possible to find a solution cure for every disease, in order to get rid of it before it spreads in the body as a whole.

Talk, Dr. Jean Moawad, a specialist in surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, cervical cancer, which affects a broad category of women, explaining the causes and symptoms. It also explains Prof. Joseph Kattan, a specialist in diseases of the blood and swelling, and Professor metaphor in the Faculty of Medicine at St. Joseph University in Beirut, a cure for this type of cancer and the percentage of spread and its relationship to other diseases.


There are many types of cancers for mercy and kill the human body, possibly reaching the limit to cause death. However, early detection is the body can fight all the medical diseases to eliminate it in the bud before more serious. Also, some cancers less risk than others, which can be avoided, or mitigate, or eliminate the swelling of the resulting fully. See Hassanein, "Cervical cancer is the one that affects the area inside the vagina as an initial step." According to Professor Qattan that "this type of cancer Txoah, is swelling passes through several stages before it reaches the stage" cancer "as a result of shifts and loss Alkhalai to obey the natural factors and style as usual. Vtaatcather nucleus without respect for its form or work or the duration of life or other controls that are subject to all Alkhalai in the human body. " It is possible to say that cervical cancer is the most common types of cancer is understood scientifically. A woman's body is blessed with women in various ways, as enabled them to pregnancy and childbearing. However, the two sides of each coin. It is true that women are able to carry the organism in her womb for nine months, to grow and grow, and then face a life and so forth ... But the price is enormous capacity to withstand pain and how Alujaa. The composition of biological and physiological When Ms. bit complicated, and accurate, and imposes a continuing prevention and consult a physician rotation to make sure that the speeches do not actually threaten women's safety.
Consists of the fetus in the womb, to come out from the neck of the uterus during a natural birth.
Dr. Moawad "area of the uterus is divided into two parts: one in the abdomen and the uterus is the body of the house, and another in the vagina is the cervix. The cervical cancer, it is quite different from cancer that may affect the uterus House in general, differ according to the causes, symptoms and risks. "

The causes of cervical cancer

We can say that many factors combined may be an underlying cause for the emergence of cervical cancer. However, it can not be completely sure, some women are more likely than white women to this disease. Professor Kattan "The reason for this type of cancer, chronic inflammation is a general or a type of virus with time to become cancerous disease. Perhaps the most prominent types of the virus is Human Papilloma Virus, which constitutes the greatest danger as responsive after which the cells become cancerous. "
Hassanein added: "It is noted among women who smoke more than white women Bhz disease, especially those who started smoking at an early age, since the nicotine is concentrated in the secretions of the cervix. The multiplicity of relations plays a causal role in this matter, in addition to the lack of attention to personal hygiene that generate the virus. "
Been noted that the spread of this cancer is more extensively in communities that include people belonging to the social and economic levels are low. This, and doctors have confirmed that women who suffer AIDS may also suffer from cervical cancer because the AIDS virus displays the HPV to breed more, and thus, causing the offending further.

Interest and awareness

Times have changed and times have changed, making it possible to recover one's suffering from a disease as the subject and proceeded to recant treatment. With the launching of mass awareness campaigns across all media, through lectures, seminars, and through slogans and campaigning in hospitals, have become more women aware of their health status, as Srn devote attention to their safety, and Intbehn for the tips targeted at them and reach to undergo a rotation prevention before treatment. An awareness of the fundamental incentive pays women to know their bodies and the danger that posed. However, with the openness and support, it has become easier, with the assistance and cooperation of Ms. doctor and testing required.

When the disease?

No human beings should be extreme in dealing with threats to his safety: there may be Esthtr occupational health and ignore all the evidence does not go to the doctor never the one hand, and may not also be infected with obsessive satisfactory sat on the land of hospitals and clinics, and insists that he is suffering from!

Mrs. to monitor the same, you know some signs that it may suffer the speeches must be addressed. Hassanein says "It is possible that women are cervical cancer and be silent, do not show symptoms, but discovered by accident while doing routine checks at the gynecologist. It may also be infected with a particular incentive to deepen the tests for the detection probability of an infection. But in cases that show symptoms of cervical cancer, may be due to hemorrhage Note blood in times outside of the menstrual cycle, or during intimacy. "
From here, the woman should pay the same attention to bumper, and monitors their status, to go to the doctor to note any speeches.

Complications of cervical cancer

Every problem start small and be treated with a simple, fast and secure. But worsen over time if neglected, to receive Bothagalha on the shoulders of the whole body, leading to problems one was indispensable in the first place. Hassanein explains: "Sometimes it may be directed to Ms. doctor because of problems in the urine, for example, finding it suffers from cervical cancer! Since the latter part of the bladder and bowel from the large intestine which the intestines, and vagina associated with a house of the uterus, may extend cervical cancer to other parts of the body, of which the initial phase, the bladder and bowel and director. " Adds Professor Kattan "in the advanced cases and untreated, may cause cancerous tumor obstruction of the urethra Vtaatnfaj kidneys and above the level of albumin in the blood. The disease is transmitted to the lungs and even the liver, stomach and other vital organs in the body Vtaatattl and functions. " May even eventually cause death if not treated the patient and follow his condition with her doctor and solve the problem from the outset before they escalate.

Treatment of cervical cancer

The incidence of cervical cancer is not necessarily an indication of the lack of treatment and inevitable progression of the disease and death, but now of this type of cancer may be treated to get rid of it, so you can follow-up to Ms. previous life without the risk posed. Hassanein explains: "When cervical cancer in the initial stage, the treatment is surgery is to eradicate the house of the uterus and cervix and lymph glands that surround it, and which ensures the transfer of secretions from the uterus into the house of blood purification. If not, after the cancer has extended beyond the lymph glands and the house of the uterus, so then surgery enough. " Professor Kattan For his part, that "often discover gynecologist situation before they escalate to the stage of cancer, if the woman was visiting on a regular basis. And when he sees any sign of cell transformation to cancer, he has assisted treatment in-place. Uses a technique may also burn residual swelling simple, or resort to eradicate the house of the uterus. The case of the disease, reaching the cancer can be added to the surgical treatment of radiotherapy. In the rare cases where the size of the swelling more than usual, might be used then chemotherapy and this is extremely rare. " Adds Professor Kattan "In general, gynecological care specialist Bhz type of disease, and be able to control it. Cases classified as "cancerous" purely requiring treatment at the hands of specialists, cancer and tumors are very few, thanks to the development of medicine and tests that allow early detection. "

Medical Coordination

The development of medicine and fork to the terms of reference for many that would serve the interests of human illnesses, and medication and address whatever the variety of problems. It is no longer confined to the family doctor, who was over from A to Z, but has become a specialty master of the situation, as authorized by the doctor treating the problem at its roots. But this does not prevent the close cooperation between all disciplines to eliminate the disease altogether.
Coordination is always based on, for example between a specialist and a specialist in gynecological cancer and swelling on the issue of cervical cancer, to ensure proper treatment and follow-up to make sure that it will not come back after Ms. period of time. Dubai is a routine clinical examination is simple, reveals what were not Ms. aware, the tasks are distributed later by the situation.

Early prevention of cervical cancer

Visit the doctor is not only for treatment, but that the importance of routine screening on a regular basis lies in the early detection of potential injury to any disease that may worsen with time to become dangerous. Mrs. that continuing the rotation to visit the gynecologist, at least once a year, to be examined clinical standard, in addition to examining "Qazaza" Papsmear explains Dr. Moawad "must begin with Ms. consulting a doctor a year after marriage, to pursue a position and interested in their health. A check "Qazaza" the most prominent way to detect any speeches in the house of the uterus and cervix, as revealed in 80% of the cases could be infection, a result of inflammation or vision changes in the cells. However, the use of this test for the detection limits. Vzayadp proportion of reassurance, can be utilized for the lens of cervical biopsies taken from the questionable to be confirmed by more than the 39%. " It should be noted that this examination is expensive. According to Professor Kattan "This routine is classified in the annual check of prevention, because early detection, and even before the diagnosis is early, it can be to detect the situation before they escalate to cancer, reducing the incidence of this type of cancer a lot." It must be noted that the incidence of cervical cancer decreased significantly in recent years, after they occupied the first rank, in addition to breast cancer. This is because the ongoing awareness and early detection may have contributed in addressing the problem before they escalate and expand in the body and spread throughout the members.

Important Tips

Of false beliefs that once the house of the uterus was removed, no need for follow-up or after a routine annual report. Ohz topic untrue may constitute a threat to non-perspective. Stresses, Hassanein, "if subjected to eradicate Ms. Beth uterus without the neck, it must undergo a check Qazaza Papsmear every six months. As it enables the physician to examine the secretions from the cervix, as well as uterine and vaginal secretions as well. Therefore, we must follow-up. The prevention of smoking is very important. For his part, focuses Professor Kattan on "the necessity to follow the directives of the World Health Organization, which calls for the prevention and believed that every woman, regardless of age, were sexually active, be subject to inspection" Qazaza "once every year or less, according to the doctor." This is a list of more than forty years, so it must be adhered to, as it works to protect women from all diseases that may affect them. Women are vulnerable to setbacks may refer her torment and pain as a result of negligence for the health and integrity of turning a blind eye attention.

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