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Colorectal cancers, prevent them with sigmoidoscopy


According to a study by British researchers published in the medical journal Lancet, for a sigmoidoscopy, a cursory examination of the rectum and lower colon, between 55 and 64 years would reduce deaths from cancer colorectal 43%.

Colorectal cancer is the third most diagnosed cancer in the world with approximately 1 million cases occur each year. The rate of survival is strongly associated with early diagnosis.

Of the approximately 170,000 people in the study, more than 113,000 have been assigned to a control group and more than 57,000 have passed a sigmoidoscopy. Scientists have diagnosed nearly 2,520 colon cancer, including 1,818 in the control group and 706 among those who conducted the review during a 11-year follow-up.

The study reported that the incidence of colorectal cancer was reduced by 33% in people who have made a sigmoidoscopy. Mortality, meanwhile, declined by 43%.
"After 11 years of follow up, the incidence of colorectal cancer was reduced by one third and mortality from colorectal cancer by over 40% of those who took the test. The study shows that flexible sigmoidoscopy is a test safe and practical, given to people aged 55-64 years, provides protection and resistance to long-term colorectal cancer, "say the authors of the study.
Sigmoidoscopy is to introduce a colonoscope through the rectum to examine natural and lower colon.

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