Study: Children born early, suffering from lung problems throughout the life

الأطفال المولودون مبكرا  يعانون من مشاكل في الرئة طوال العمر

British researchers reported on Thursday that children who are born too early after 25 weeks of gestation or earlier Rpmaeconon susceptible to problems in the lung throughout their lives including asthma, researchers have found also that children born in the very early and live until 11 years are often lung function have abnormal and the likelihood of diagnosed asthma, the vulnerability of children born after 39 or 40 weeks .. Said Janet Stokes of the University College London who led the study many of these children may not receive proper treatment. And Stokes and her colleagues based on data from a large study followed all children
In Britain and Ireland who were born after 25 weeks of pregnancy or earlier in the period from March to December in December 1995. Stokes said that with the growth of lung and increase the size of channels breathing becomes of these children less likely to have problems breathing hard and start to get rid of these symptoms. The researchers wrote in the American Journal of respiratory and critical care that more than half, or 56 percent were abnormal findings in the measurement of breathing is a test of the inflatable device for assessing the strength of the lung.

There was a case of every four cases of asthma, but 65 percent did not suffer from respiratory symptoms during the past twelve months. And screening of children for follow-up lung function and respiratory health when they reached two years and six years and 11 years and compared their data with the children of the same age, sex and ethnic origin. Nevertheless, there is concern that such symptoms may reappear later in the form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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