The kite to unwind

Publié par happy-diet jeudi 29 avril 2010

The kite to unwind

The kite is the immediate feeling of escape! Head in the clouds between heaven and earth, the big smile and bright colors fluttering gaily ...

A British Institute of Mental Health, the kite is also one of the best ways to reduce small depressions and feelings of stress. PrEP three quarters of people saying enough stress (71%) felt better mood after practicing a few tens of minutes kite.

Moreover, this activity allows easy to spend between 180 and 320 kcal per hour depending on wind intensity and width of the sail used. But moderate wind (50 km / h) and with a kite medium size effects on stress are generally highest. No need to wait for the storm, or be on the shores of Brittany. A flat expanse of land in town will do!

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