Continued to sit for more than 6 hours may cause a blood clot

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Continued to sit for more than 6 hours may cause a blood clot

The positions of a daily Naerha attention may constitute a danger to our lives there are some symptoms of health
We are in close and often Naerha any importance, for example, how many times you feel Ptkhaddr in the area

Legs after sitting on for a long time without movement, or wondered why my shoes is tight
It takes off the most convenient for my feet during the period of sitting in the plane.
The problem is not wearing shoes! These phenomena, which is a swelling and redness of the feet and the difficulty
In the movement stemmed from a blood clot in the region, and cause little or no movement for a long time.
The phenomenon of excessive blood clotting in the body and called dtv, is a clump blocks blood in the legs
In some cases, these blocks drifting with the stream of blood in the body to the lungs, which may cause obstruction
Pneumonia and even death, drug Alklexan as blood thinners, which address and prevent blood clotting in the body plus.
To determine the impact of these symptoms on our health, we consulted a specialist doctor d esoteric diseases.
Subh Subh, Director Department of Internal Medicine at the hospital to puree.

- When these symptoms become disturbing that we have mentioned constitute a danger to our lives?
Blood clotting problems usually appear when people have the ability in terms of genetic, people
Lay in bed, after the people that prevent them from moving the body and the two men
Blood clotting problems may cause the sudden stroke, therefore, we have to be unaware of changes in
Our body to prevent that blocks the blood in the legs, a person who is suffering from swelling in the
Area of the legs, especially if the swelling has emerged in one of the legs more than the other it has to
Go to consult a doctor, as well as people who suffer from various diseases Karomatzm
Or cancer in the intestine were not subjected to excessive clotting in the blood more than others,
As well as those that sleep in the bed for some reason they consult a doctor about this subject.

- How to prevent that blocks blood trailing in the body?
The fundamental solution to the problems of blood clotting is to move permanent, even if we can not stand, we
To move the legs and avoid the area sit status of certain long-term, for example, that the process
Collapse knee on the knee (ie, sit on a man), may cause pressure on the artery
Primarily located in the back of the knee, which may cause problems of blood clotting in the region,
So the people who sit through their work or during travel to intervene Rgeletm down and avoid
Pressure on the main veins in the legs.

- Do people who work requires them to sit for a long time exposed to the problem of clotting
Blood plus more than others and how they avoid this?
That people who are sitting more than 6 hours to do nothing without their legs are exposed to the clotting
Blood plus, so I advise them to move and reduce the ongoing sit for hours and have much drinking water.

- If it appears after the examination when the doctor that the patient is suffering
The problem of excessive blood clotting, how is treated?
There are two methods of treatment, there are patients who suffer from hereditary blood clotting problems
(Genes located on both sides, the mother and the father), these usually need continuous treatment and taking
Drugs continuously, and there are people who are taking medicines to blood thinners for a certain period
For example, during the period of lying down in the hospital, or when pregnant women who suffer
Problems with blood clotting medication gun hiding anticoagulant throughout pregnancy.

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  1. Pooja Says:
  2. A blood clot that is located inside of the blood vessels is commonly called a thrombus. There are several causes of blood clots like excessive bed rest, sitting for long periods of time in one position like when going to trips etc, pills during pregnancy, lack of mobility etc. The risk of blood clots increases with age. There are many ways to reduce these risks like making stops while traveling, being active, etc. For more details refer causes of blood clots


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