Altoutersbb of the causes of hair loss!

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Altoutersbb of the causes of hair loss!

Standing in the bathtub to wash your hair, that Vtlahzin removed locks full of hair down with water and disappear into the sink. At first, Tsabin fear, anxiety, but after a visit to a skin specialist discover that the cause of the suffering it may not be a disease of the scalp, but tension.

Yes this is true, can the tension and concern that the Cheddi Idjalanc want to be your hair, but chronic stress may cause death. In most cases, does not cause tension or effort simple hair loss, but chronic stress causes the stop, or hair loss.

It might be established this kind of tension from taking certain medications, such as diabetes medication, drugs thyroid disorders, and chronic emotional stress, but also can be caused by the events of normal life from birth, or abortion, or surgery.

Says Dr. Michelle Bailey, an assistant professor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of California, San Diego, "the biggest cause of hair loss is pregnancy." In fact, the estimated number of new mothers who face problems in the hair at around 45 percent after a child.

The cause of this type of hair loss causes are common, may suffer a lot of mothers unconsciously caused, often, hair grows back again within six months, but sometimes this type of hair loss can be the beginning of a long-term problem.

How does the tension on the hair loss:
Hair grows in cycles repeated. The active growth phase lasts about two years and then followed by a rest period for a period of three months, then dropped the hair from the scalp. Normally, every lock of hair has a different point in this session, so it hardly can be seen natural hair loss, a few locks in the bathtub, and a few tufts on the brush, and a few hairs on the pillow. And drops about 100 hairs per day from the scalp of any ordinary person.

In any case, when the body is going through the situation of chronic stress, intervention, about 70 percent of hair follicles in the case of rest before time, and start the locks Baltsaqt within three months, which cause chronic hair loss. Fear not, will not become a bald, but hair will look like a light may even be non-significant too. Anyway, what worries women usually are three-month period where the hair appears quiet and unnatural and falling numbers markedly.

Fortunately, in most cases hair begins to grow again within six months. A very small percentage, however, may be an indicator of sleep loss more hair.

Ensure access to scalp intact:
After noting the problem of hair loss, should Ms. men or even to go to a skin specialist to assess the situation, even if the doctor was not able to identify a clear cause such as childbirth, or abortion, or stop taking the pill, or any other diseases. May request laboratory tests to determine the underlying cause.

Advises Dr. Michel, laboratory screening tests to ascertain the level of iron, hormones and the work of the thyroid gland. Any changes may cause a decline has slowed the growth of hair.

For example, iron deficiency is a disease very Shuaa among girls, an important cause of weakness, hair loss, so if you took a girl who suffers from hair loss problems with supplements of iron might be interested in the problem.

But unfortunately, may be caused genetically. Such as genetic factor typical of baldness in males. Some women may they follow the pattern of genetically also in hair loss, hair loss, for example of the introduction to poetry or poor hair growth, despite receiving various treatments.

But even if you notice hair loss heavy, you should not Tstlmi of tension, anxiety, and fear, because these feelings exacerbate the problem, and put more stress on you, and cause hair loss.

"Dr. Michelle, the worst of play infected hair loss is the concern of this problem, because that means the exacerbation of the problem, the solution is medical counseling, and the work of the necessary tests, and attention to poetry, and non-severe or linked to strong, so that weakens the bulbs, and dispensing articles chemicals, and sprays that cause closure of the pores and prevent food, and good ventilation of the hair. Be addressed as well as healthy food, and drink plenty of water

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