Gym integrative principle

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Gym integrative principle


Designed by the famous coach of the Hollywood stars, Valerie Orsoni, gym Integrative furore. Sharon Stone did it is also not mistaken, and would also become addicted to this method of a new genus.
So if like many women today, you do not have time to do sports, the gym is the integrative solution for you.


enjoy the daily activities for you muscles look like much and without thinking. Not bad, right?

While in the office, at home, in transport or watching TV, here are some exercise ideas easy to implement as soon as you can!

Gym integrative office

A meeting drags on? You fall asleep in front of your computer screen? Take the opportunity to play sports! The air of nothing and without noticing that your employees, you can work on several areas of your body.

- Take the stairs and leave the elevator to go up and the floors and taper your legs look like much.
- Wear your heavy arm-folders for your biceps muscles.
- Once you're at your desk or during a meeting, suck in your gut and stay right.

Gym Integrative home

Whether you're in the process of vacuuming, cooking for the evening meal or brush your teeth in the bathroom, you can muscle. Here's how:

- Squeeze your buttock muscles while standing. Hold for ten seconds before releasing. And again as long as possible.
- You can also climb on tiptoe. Keep a dozen seconds contractor well buttocks and redeposited on the ground before the feet again.

Gym integrative transport

Travelling by car to the office every morning? You take the subway or the bus every day? Take advantage of this time, sometimes a little too far and not always very pleasant to do some exercises smart!

- Contract your abdominal muscles continuously when you are driving or when stopped at the subway stops. Release when the light turns green or the subway restarts. To do every day to get there and back! Doing these exercises will allow you to solicit your deep abdominals. Perfect for finding a flat stomach before the summer.

- Get the most possible one or two stops before arriving at the office or at home. Ditto if you're in your car: park your car as far as possible. Walking at a brisk pace keeps the shape and contour the silhouette. Also perfect to burn more calories.

Gym integrative calling

Yes, it is quite possible for your muscles and eliminate calories while chatting with your girlfriends on the phone ...

- Lie on your back and lift your legs. Make big scissors slowly in one direction and then another. Make sets of 30 each time. A small tip to the inner thigh muscles and abs without thinking!
- Sitting on a chair or the edge of your bed, lift one leg and touch the knee with the opposite elbow. Hold for 10 seconds and change legs. This exercise helps to tone the oblique abdominal muscles.

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