Pain of the heart

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Pain of the heart

Involuntary nervous system is in control of the symptoms of heart nervous

Came to the clinic a woman in the thirty-fifth with her husband complained of pain in the heart area and it increases the pain and spread to the neck and the soles of the left arm, as well as the corresponding region of the heart on the back .. This pain is increased when they react, whether under the guidance of her children or face one of the problems in the workplace or at home, which is not increased when the physical effort to walk, or after eating, or when you breathe, or when you move the left arm, and not to faint when the occurrence of such pain, either the nature of the pain is different, some in the form of stings, and some in the form of pressure on the heart, either they are afraid and severity increasing from time to time .. It does not increase when the pressure on the chest wall, and not during sleep, ie: meaning they should not cut them sleep, and the hallmarks of this pain he has nothing to do with PMS, has been testing the heart routine physical, from planning the electric heart, and a scan audio and effort to walk cuts.
The question and clear: if all my heart tests normal, what is the cause of the pain that I feel it?
Before attempting to answer a question about the patient, the patient's husband (see Doctor God, what a thing was wrong ... but ?!)... This action is not surprising some escorts these patients (a phenomenon found in all the peoples of the earth) when reducing the importance of this pain in women, and sentenced to advance even before the medical tests, and so is trying hard to reassure, but this behavior in turn may cause delay in the treatment of some heart pains in women, when they are in need really for medical care, not every pain in the woman's chest is from the heart, and not all the pain of the heart is due to a massive stroke it, but attention must be given all the pain in his heart until he proves he is not a serious life the patient, now or in the future, must also be on the patient and her relatives not to launch a prejudice to those suffering and left to the doctor concerned .. I have seen some cases of stroke, heart came late to the emergency because of the patient, or husband, or brothers, they thought that such a complaint is what they have heard them during the past several months have passed out suddenly on a trip, including food.

Heart disease is the presence of nerve pain in the heart does not have an organic cause

Go back to our patient above where it was puzzling to the doctor and patient together that even after careful consideration of muscle pain, bone and digestive tract, we did not find an organic cause for this pain, but it was soon diagnosed her condition is the «heart disease, nervous system».
Where we thought previously that these patients Basab heart cardiac neurosis, however, found recently that a large part of those suffering the pain of stress, the heart of mental Just as the brain, he gets headaches, which is normal, so the heart may improve the patient's pain when he is normal and this so-called «heart disease nervous »resemble the disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome« which complain the patient from pain and palpitations, and his examinations perfectly normal this disease (heart, nervous system) somatoform cardiac dysfunction or disease of the world Dacosta dacosta syndrome or older was called «the heart of the military» soldiers heart, because of the trauma that he received Some of the soldiers in the wars of old, but now we know it's neurological symptoms of the heart and is filed under psychiatric ICD-10: F45.30)) This does not mean that patients with this disease, psychiatric patients, but rather means that they have the pain does not have physical causes, so in organs that are controlled wholly or partly involuntary nervous system, such as heart, lung, digestive system, urinary tract .. May abound in some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression .. There are two types of these symptoms for the heart:
First: be patient complaint because of overactive Allaradi device and can be seen: such as palpitations, sweating, heat in the upper body, chills, fear of a serious heart disease.
Second: be patient complaint not related to overactive device Allaradi can not see: the pain and incisions are moving from one area to another in the chest and narrow in breathing, (what goes into enough air to the lungs sigh syndrome), and if the grief and restraining sentiment may lead to the disruption of one of the sensors in the body (and his eyes turned white from grief is my grief for) the heart is least affected by the emotion from the rest of the body and different degree of influence on the spectrum varies from just the pangs and pains do not quickly disappear, to severe pain mimic stroke, heart attack to the weakness of varying degrees of heart muscle stress induced cardiomyopathy a sharp decrease in pressure cardiogenic shock.
What are the qualities shared by these patients, men and women? In short, as it is published in the attached table with the topic.

Stress is one of the causes of pain in the heart but not the only reason

And try some doctors to link those suffering Bortha LED Almtrali or vitamin D deficiency or lack of fitness, although there is no evidence arbitrator causal link those symptoms diseases mentioned presence or OR LACK, some of them tries to use the placebo effect of the drug placebo effect and is effective in 40% of these cases.
Finally, it should be noted that it should not elaborate on the release of this diagnosis to patients who complain of pain in the heart, since that causes pain may vary from time to time in the same patient. And neglect the pain caused when the coronary arteries may lead the patient to die in a few hours.

Table shows the characteristics shared by these patients, men and women:.

- Often occur in young adulthood from twenty to forty-fifth, and disappear with age is rare to occur over sixty years.
- The majority of patients have other symptoms with chest pain: one of the parties, such as numbness, palpitations, respiratory distress when stress, sweating a lot, dry mouth, a symptom of involuntary organ in the body, great fear of stroke, heart attack or sudden death.
- Mostly women and they were speaking to men
- Some of them had symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, or anxiety, or depression, or phobias.
- There is no effective treatment for these symptoms.
- It's rare that these symptoms cause them a real stroke, or death and often live their lives normally.
- These symptoms disappear if the changing pattern of life of these patients, or away from the psychological effort, or eased them of that effort for one reason or another.
- Aerobics and walking alleviate the lot of these symptoms

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