Lose weight by working her heart

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Lose weight by working her heart

When you do a search amaigrissiment, BMP heart is one of the most accurate indicators. Understand Beat Per Minute, or heartbeat per minute.
The core is around 50-80 beats per minute at rest and its maximum frequency is 220 minus their age. For example, for a man of 35 years, his maximum heart rate is 220-35 = 185 bpm.

To burn fat, it is necessary that the body draws its energy from fat mass. And this is possible when the heart rate is around 60-70% of maximum frequency. Or for our example: 65% x 185 = 120 bpm.

So this man of 35 years, will remove the fat when it makes an exercise that will lead him to have a heart rate of 120 bpm.

It is quite low as heart rate. It will be a little hot, and will hardly breath. But the advantage is that after 30 minutes, the body will draw its energy directly into fat, and at this intensity, it may extend the exercise for a long time ... Say 1:30!

At a rate of 2 times per week, exercise at 65% of maximum heart rate will decrease during 1h30 quickly waist circumference, waist hip and thigh of practice!

PS: the heart rate is measured using a heart rate monitor bought in a sports shop, or by hand, taking his pulse for 15 seconds (then multiply by four) and this every 10 minutes.

Good luck!

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