Chocolate affect mood

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Chocolate affect mood


London: British researcher said that because of desirable qualities of chocolate kind and evil together, they give the sweetness and fat without supplying material, "affecting the mood."

Said Peter Rogers, from the University of Bristol in Britain, that the components that affect mood, Calcerotonin and tryptophan and Alteramen and Alcanabenwid, found in different types of foods in quantities higher than its presence in chocolate, but it sees that these foods are desirable or an addictive drug, Kalshokulatp.


He added: "The explanation most convincing of the attached chocolate lies in our conflicting ones, it is highly desirable, but we impose restrictions on ourselves not to eat excessively, it's nice and evil together, and cause such restrictions and not to satisfy our desire for full of chocolate increased eagerness to it, which is described addiction. "

Rogers added that the chocolate milk and mixed with other materials more desirable than pure dark chocolate that contains a larger amount of cocoa with the components that affect mood.

This confirms that the "longing" to the chocolate does not cause these components, but other essential components, no sugar, fat, and their impact on the senses.

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