Tonsillitis and its complications

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Tonsillitis and its complications

Viral cases do not need antibiotics because the latter have no effect on viruses, this leads to the creation of the contrary, resistance to antibiotics in the future, these medicines are not effective if required to use them.

When swallowing food and even saliva painful should be read in case of tonsillitis two component tireless confirmed swollen and Mmelthptin, often the condition spread widely, especially in children, accompanied by headaches, pains the head and foot, sometimes it's the disease mild and too safe in a few days, and sometimes may lead to the deterioration of health status and survival of the patient for several days in bed, or may require the singer.
This is called the disease, found particularly in children and adolescents inflammation of the tonsils caused by a virus sometimes, and sometimes bacteria may affect millions of children each year that infection and contagious disease.

Tonsillitis symptoms

May cause tonsillitis with high fever, chills, and Aia comprehensive and refused to eat because of pain caused by swallowing, and sometimes vomiting, as can be seen swollen nodes under the chin, or neck.
Tonsillitis distinguish two cases: the reddish inflammation and inflammation Almqih, are often the first virus (HIV prayed or a cold or virus or rubella Albouhmron ...) The second Too many dating back to bacteria such as Alstreptcoq, Alstafilecoq, Abannomcoq ... And are festering unlike the first where we do not find pus. May need this disease if repeated several times in the same season (winter often), despite medical treatment and care to carry out removal of the tonsils.
More than 50% of tonsillitis caused by a virus could reach this percentage to 90% sometimes, and the rest are caused by a bacteria often, especially Alstreptcoq cases of viral do not need antibiotics because the latter do not force them to viruses, it causes the opposite to create a resistance to antibiotics in the future These drugs become ineffective if necessary use.
That is why the deal with situations requiring Kavhp viral symptoms only to the extent that recovery is achieved in a few days.
Those that return to the bacteria caused by bacteria often stay Alstreptcoq They need antibiotics to avoid complications, the most widespread and particularly severe rheumatoid arthritis (RAA) and the injury of the heart or lung and others. Other types of tonsillitis understand the diphtheria caused by bacteria, particularly single parents or kernel'Adawiyyah (MNI) dating back to the virus or inflammation of the tonsils or Alqhobaiip ulcerans or Alihusalip ... etc.).
Sometimes could be repeated tonsillitis without appearing to cure it requires careful examination of the teeth and other areas Interviewing be carriers of the bacterium, but other times it creates complications Kkraj local, which makes the process of swallowing is impossible from the intensity of pain and difficulty of pronunciation.


Disease need to comfort at home and take the medication of anti-sepsis and local inflammation in addition to antibiotics if caused by bacteria with anti-pain, fever, drink water frequently, especially in the case of high fever or vomiting.
The complications may require hospitalization of the patient and sometimes perform surgery.

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