Neo-shamans and deficient diets: the new sectarianism

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Neo-shamans and deficient diets: the new sectarianism

The well-being and SPIRITUALITY are number one target of sectarianism. Dieting, healing, purification ... The Miviludes warned the French authorities with respect to these practices that can quickly overflow.

In its annual report published Wednesday, April 7, the Interministerial Mission of Vigilance and the fight against sectarianism (Miviludes), which warns of the devastating effects of these practices, warns against the neo-shamans and nutritionists fanciful.

Cults are taking new forms in society. Gone are the large groups visible, most often it is now 'psycho-groups where some individuals vulnerable to psychological profile are committed body and soul to a pseudo-therapist.

This is the case and new offers of shamanism, where a preacher invites a group of individuals to follow in an exotic country. The use of hazardous products as Ayalhuasca or iboga are commonplace, it is in France for illegal drugs or hallucinogens. In its report, the Mission also devotes a chapter on nutrition and its possible misuse, including risks relating to the abandonment of traditional medicine in favor of schemes meant to cure all ills, including cancer.

According to Georges Fenech, president of Miviludes, sectarianism, characterized in particular by the right and moral break with the original environment, currently affecting "500,000 of our citizens, directly or indirectly".

The mission is also interested in psycho-therapeutic centers, centers nutritionists, which attract many, many people in recent years. All is not dangerous of course, but there are themes in which sectarian groups, psycho-groups have been engulfed, "he said. It happens to extremes with such a technique called "respirianisme" which is to nourish that light and air, with deaths in the key and judicial procedures.

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