Allergy: make your gluten free bread

Publié par happy-diet jeudi 29 avril 2010

Allergy: make your gluten free bread


More than 20 recipes for breads, buns, pancakes gluten-free: the authors of your favorite desserts without gluten it again! To the delight of allergic!

All those who are allergic to gluten know: Unless you have a baker conciliatory eat ersatz bread "gluten free" sold in supermarkets, not to excite the taste buds at breakfast. Good news: the authors of your favorite dessert without milk or gluten hand delivered to the batter. They suggest that once a book dedicated to recipes for breads and buns ... always gluten free of course.

Having had to cope with rare diseases and autoimmune diseases, the authors have adapted their family recipes to gluten-free diet.

Come on, it makes your mouth water: bread raisin brioche, bread pina colada, the kugelhopf gluten free rice bread with olives, scones, gluten free ... many gourmet recipes that can afford snacks or delicious breakfast without concern for the risks of allergic reactions.

Gluten free bread and buns, Alice and Laura Laffont, Jean Pommier and Annie Rapaport, Editions La Plage, 9.90 euros

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