Apple protects the lungs

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Apple protects the lungs

A group of British researchers point out that eating one apple a day, helps to improve the performance and function of the lungs
Came in a report published in the journal Thorax about a study conducted by a team of doctors at the hospital of St. George in London on the relationship between diet and how the lungs work, in more than two thousand and five hundred men between the ages of forty-fifth and forty-ninth

Has been adopted in this study to measure the strength of exhalation using a particular way, where they found a link Ozivthma lung function to the fullest access to the body high amounts of vitamins C and E and beta carotene and article summary oranges, apples and fruit juice

After being taken into account a combination of factors as the size of the body, smoking and physical exercise, the group that the only food which has had significant effects, is the apple

They noted that eating five apples or more during the week, leading to improved performance relative to the post of the lungs, as it shows that the energy of people who eat the fruit more than that other one hundred and thirty-eight Miletra

Although there is no proof that eating apples to prevent erosion of natural lung capacity with age, is eating more of this article n would reduce the severity of this lesion, and find the scientists but Israeli leaders on this in the fact that Apple reduces the speed of degradation caused by factors Others such as pollution

The fruit is available on the high amount of a substance called anti-Alchorersitin poisoning, which can contribute significantly to protecting the lungs from symptoms caused by harmful air pollution and cigarette smoking

He described Dr. Mike Pearson, a former official of the press in the British Association for Chest Diseases, this theory as unacceptable, adding that several studies support the view that vitamins C and E help to resist asthma, could be the apple contains antioxidants of poisoning have the same effects

It goes on, Dr. Pearson said: The people who lost their lives contain high amounts of anti-poisoning, more qualified than others to cope with any infection if it occurs

Dr Mark Britton, Chairman of the Foundation for Research on the British Lung, new research provided more evidence on the importance of the relationship between dietary health and lungs sound

He adds: This study highlights a new way people can protect through their lungs, as well as it helps to facilitate breathing with lung disease.

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