Coffee, yes, but not (too) fat

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Coffee, yes, but not (too) fat

Have you tried the Frappuccino Mocha Dark Berry, an icy drink coffee sold by Starbucks this summer (in England). Yes? Well done! This drink is 561 calories per 487 milliliters of coffee, sugar, whole milk and cream!

"This is the fourth of the daily caloric intake of an adult female in good health," says the release of WCRF (World Cancer Research Fund). According to this global institution, the regular consumption of such drinks could lead to certain cancers. Indeed, many scientific studies have proven the link between food fat and sugar, and increased risk of breast cancer, esophagus, intestines, pancreas, uterus and kidney.

Even lighter versions of these drinks, mixed with skim milk, are real bombs cholesterol. For example the chain Caffe Nero has a "lite" version of its Mocha Latte Frappe coffee containing 452 calories, according to a study by the WCRF. Costa Coffee, another retail chain, present in several European countries (but not in France), sells its side, dairy products richer in calories than a chocolate bar: the Massimo Coffee Frescato rises to 332 calories. And the basic version, the smaller displays no less than 200 calories.

In France, the "little black" are always the favorite of consumers. Besides the direction of Starbucks France, the gourmet beverage market does not exceed 25% of their sales. But perhaps it is still just the beginning. McDonald's France has launched a new concept Mac Café, which offers a range of dairy products competing in a hundred of its 1,200 restaurants on the French territory.

Finally, at Columbus Café, the first French channel espresso bar, with 33 franchise stores, there are also a range of dairy products, but the company "does not communicate on their caloric content.

Every once in a while, agree. But it is very likely that the concept is spreading, and we soon see that the young French officers walking the halls of the subway with their 'bucket of latte' in hand

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