the sense of unity destroys the human immune

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the sense of unity destroys the human immune


U.S. scientists discovered the genetic cause which leads to damage to the health of people who feel lonely.

The study - conducted at the University of Yu. C. Th. No. In the state of California - that some genes are more active in people who live in social isolation, which has emerged correlation between most of these genes and the immune system and infections.

The study was based on the assessment of social life for 14 volunteers, and found that the genes of volunteers, "only" tend to be "more active than the limit" in comparison with the genes who do not feel lonely.

Dr Stephen Cole, supervisor of the study: "This study shows us the power of the biological effect of social isolation, which can harm even Bjeenatena genetic."

He added: does not affect the operation of these genes, the number of people who know them, but the quality of intimate relationships in which we live, ie, that the work of these genes is not affected by age, wealth or health, but was clearly associated with a sense of social isolation.

Professor Andrew Steptoe - based studies on the biological impact of mental state at the University of London - that the results of the study call for appreciation, he added: "We know that social isolation are injurious to health, and we can see the thread clearly, but we can not confirm categorically that isolation leads to change the activity of genes.

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