A fluorescent mask for sleep

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A fluorescent mask for sleep

You have trouble falling asleep, you have stressful thoughts circling in your head and see the time that passes without you nervous to sleep ... we all knew that one day or two. The problem is when this situation is repeated all week.

Nearly half the French population would be affected by problems falling asleep due to stress, according to a BVA poll.

Suddenly, an American company has invented an ingenious system to help stressed to sleep. This is a black mask with blue fluorescent points, it's called GloToSleep (good pun, which means light to sleep).

The mask excluded all light which is the sine qua non of a sound sleep. The light interferes with our hormones and disturbed our sleep.
Looking at the blue dots of phosphorescent mask sleep, our brain is an occupation that prevent them from thinking about something else, such as worries and stress! Finally, look up to watch the blue dots, causing a slowdown in the brain. This effect has been reported by several scientists who have studied in particular the basics of meditation.

You can test this particular village sun mask presented in a post yesterday.

The GloToSleep € 49, do not eat batteries or electricity, and must surely be quite effective for frequent travelers to sleep on the plane or train.

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