Get well - without too much stretch

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Get well - without too much stretch

That's the question that upset a lot. Is the stretch helps or not muscle recovery. Basically: the stretch he declines the risk of muscle soreness the next day.

Answer: yes and no.

Let me explain. If you make 2 or 3 minutes of stretching after running one hour, or made the step, or scaled a cliff, it's pretty good. Indeed, after a long effort, the muscles are contracted, the insertions are very close. A short stretch will effectively put the muscle in its original state, without the rush.

However, if you stretch to death for more than 15 minutes, you may experience aches even more important. Indeed, the stretch is very intense aims to increase the capacity of stretching a muscle and tendon elasticity. For this, the fibers break, and reconstructed more flexible. So in addition to having damaged the muscles with exercise, you break it with a more prolonged and intense stretch. The received message will be inconsistent, and recovery will be harder.

In summary, we better get 2 minutes stretch quietly. And to improve its flexibility, it is expected to have no aches, and there is a 30-minute stretch.

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