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Is one of the plants available in the market at exorbitant prices low and accessible to all,

However, it is in the house a pharmacy near-integrated, and he called right (the king of vegetables)

It contains parsley on the copious amounts of calcium, and even a greater proportion of the presence

Calcium in the milk.


The parsley treatment in:

1 - Dieting: parsley juice helps a lot to lose weight, including its effectiveness and clear melt fat

And fat accumulation in the human body.

2 - is useful in the treatment of liver and gallbladder.

3 - blood circulation and the heart:

According to the parsley in the treatment of anemia, and so it is a treatment for anemia,

It also helps to expand the blood vessels, and works to renew the capillaries minute

And regulates blood circulation in the body, as well as that it is beneficial for the heart.

4 - musculoskeletal: parsley strengthens muscles of the body, as it renews its cells.

5 - the nervous system: parsley strengthens the nervous system, as well as it strengthens the memory, and resist oblivion.

6 - urinary tract: parsley ease the pain of the kidneys and bladder and urethra,

It also deals with urinary tract stones Bimaptha (boiling the seeds of parsley is used to treat drink urine retention)

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