No risk of breast cancer deodorant

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No risk of breast cancer deodorant

In recent years, the deodorants are accused of being responsible for breast cancer. To date, no evidence has shown this hypothesis, but many women are concerned. Today, a group of experts in oncology provides a reassuring answer.

The use of deodorants would affect the growth of breast cancer in women: no scientific studies have demonstrated this possibility. A group of experts from the French Cancer Society has made a detailed scientific analysis on this subject. Conclusion: No scientific evidence has been identified for this hypothesis.

Breast cancer deodorants charge

Several studies have noted a high incidence of breast cancer at the area around the application of anti-perspirant deodorant (the upper outer quadrant) and use more and more common these products.
Based on these findings, several research teams have sought to establish a possible link between antiperspirants and breast cancer. The hypothesis most broadcast held the potential role of parabens and aluminum salts. However, to date, no prospective epidemiological study has demonstrated the assumption that the use of deodorants had an impact on increasing breast cancer in women.

No scientific evidence

A group of experts whose findings were published in the journal Cancer Bulletin, official organ of the French Cancer Society, gave a detailed scientific analysis to address the anguish of the women on this subject. They were well reviewed 59 studies from the literature and 19 articles of different methodology. Their conclusion? No scientific evidence for the hypothesis could not be identified. Moreover, these experts say it remains no validated hypothesis could open in the path of interesting research. They argue that this issue does not constitute a public health problem and it seems pointless to continue research on this topic.
The French Agency for Sanitary Safety of Health Products (AFSSAPS) was published in 2006 from information in the same direction. Thus, no reason to worry about the use of any deodorant.

The importance of screening for breast cancer

The known risk factors for breast cancer? A minority of breast cancers is associated with a hereditary family that occurs most often at a young age, one of the major risk factors remaining estrogen. Thus prevention of this scourge women mainly relied on screening mammograhie.
Breast cancer remains the most common cancer of women in Western countries, affecting one in nine women, mostly after menopause. It caused 11,000 deaths in France in 2005. More breast cancer is detected early, the chances of recovery are important. With early detection, half of breast cancers are detected when they are less than 2 cm. This level of detection can reach very high cure rates while substantially reducing the aggressiveness of treatment applied. At any age, you must be regularly monitored by a doctor or a gynecologist who will prescribe the necessary examinations, particularly if it considers that you have family risk factors for breast cancer. This medical must be conducted every six months or every year from 30 years.
In France, the organized screening (every two years, a mammogram supported 100% by the health insurance no upfront fees) is available to women age 50 and up to 74 years. Against breast cancer, go for screening!

Anne-Sophie Glover-Bondeau - September 24, 2008

Source: Press Release John Libbey Eurotext, September 2008, article "The use of deodorants / antiperspirants does not constitute a risk of cancer", Moïse Namer, Elizabeth Luporsi Joseph Glogorov Francis Lokiec, Marc Spielmann, Bulletin Cancer, 25 September 2008, 95; association of breast cancer, talk about

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  1. This information is not actually true. It does not explain the rapid increase in breast cancer in both men and woman. It also doesn't explain why parabens were found in the tissue of cancer cells in woman with breast cancer. If there is even a possibly of risk (which there obvious is) the consumer needs to have options. There many options for natural deodorant on the market. Some of the work and some of them not so much. Anything that is used on the skin is absorbed into the body. If the choice to use body care products that are non toxic exists then why not change your products. This way you eliminate your exposure and risk for getting cancer. The best all natural deodorant I have seen and also the most cost effective is called DeOm deodorant. Google it. They have a website. Not to mention if you care about the environment, toxic chemcials put on your body are also toxic for the planet and the DeOm stuff is non toxic both for you and for the planet.


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