Pineapples are good for the body's immunity and the fight against cancer cells

Pineapple tropical fruit taste good and delicious and has a distinct smell, and pineapple fruit easy to digest, they are kinds of fruit
Very useful for health and body, as it contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals and a small amount of fat and materials
Active acidic secretions of the stomach, and the value of energy medium, and are not capturing the frequently in patients with diabetes, is useful in fevers
Slimming, also contains the amount of La Paz of calcium, so is useful and nourishing and restorative to the bones, in addition to manganese, which
Is one of the main subjects in the process of building bones and tissues,
Benefit in the prevention of colds, flu, cough, because it contains a significant quantity of vitamin - o - like orange,
Some studies also confirmed that it contains material Alberumilen that support the body's immune system and therefore in the fight against
Cancer cells, can be dealt with in the Salad or Kaaasir especially after a meal rich in meat because the article Alberumilen help
Good for the digestion of meat proteins (the names of expert tips Zriol specialist in the science of nutrition and diet)

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