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A variety of indications
And use the ring to soften the throat and chest and abdomen if cooked with water, as well as proved to be useful in calming the cough and foul play, asthma, difficulty breathing and increase Beh, they also have good results in the wind, phlegm, hemorrhoids, bowel disorders, and relieve the lungs, and analyze the sputum of viscous-Sadr, known for track it helps to generate menstruation, and used to solve the problems of hair, and some herbalists that the track if checked and mixed Balntron and vinegar useful in the analysis of tumor, spleen, and experimented with when soaked with water and sit by the women who suffer from pain, uterine viewer from a tumor and sores and other utility that tempered by what you find soreness and pain, in addition to the benefits when Thsy directly or with the water they use and the throat, esophagus, stomach, or eaten mixed with dates or honey, or figs on an empty stomach Vchwi, God willing, sputum viscous and stomach acid.

The Arabs knew the circuit since the durations of far away, "Treat them from many diseases, and its precise use, and that modern science has proven its effectiveness, and analysis confirmed that it is rich in protein, phosphorus and carbohydrates, and has a value of cod-liver oil, and also contain a percentage of vitamins.

The origin and components of the ring
Pulses are of the species native to North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean countries, but it has spread in most regions of the world, and history has shown it is used before one thousand five hundred years before the date for the treatment of burns, and to facilitate the process of birth. The circuit contains a large amount of protein and fats and carbohydrates as well as resins and sugar, and many chemical compounds necessary for the human body and which are useful in disease prevention.

The culture has spread Pharmaceutical circuit all over the world, which today is almost devoid of any country that were not present in every home and to their importance as food and medicine, to become a component of the Food and Drug popular in many people, and some people eat fenugreek cooked for food and an appetite and to increase weight, and drink Mglleha to report to the gastrointestinal and chest, and used by girls at puberty to stimulate menstruation, as reported in the treatment of anemia and weaken the structure and treatment of thinness, have been described in ancient medicine as a treatment for constipation and diseases of the chest, cough, asthma and remove the assigned face, ED, and noted research and experience to that the oil circuit generates milk for nursing mothers, and opens the appetite for food.

In a recent study reported that extract of fenugreek seeds showed positive results in curbing the cancerous cells in humans, including lung, colon, breast, where he experimented with some of the animals and found to reduce cholesterol in the blood as a result of fibers and materials components of fenugreek seeds, as well as decreases of diabetes, in the presence of acid, tobacco, a counter to some viruses.

Using boiled fenugreek seeds to treat indigestion urination and menstruation and bring treatment for diarrhea, and blends of honey at a small spoon of the ring and one teaspoon of honey three times a day this would serve as stomach ulcers and duodenum.
The ISV powder, fenugreek seeds at a medium spoon before eating three times a day to reduce blood sugar, but the doctors advised not to eat the circuit at the start of pregnancy because it helps to have an abortion in the first three months, while the preference for dealing with after the birth of the benefits of the great milk yield and report the effects of birth in the womb and vagina, and compensation for childbirth, which often lost during pregnancy, but increase the weight loss during the postpartum period.

The drenched the circuit water is useful in many cases, the first of that unappetizing food, if taking rights, including the amount to fill the spoon to eat a cup of water and soaked for two hours and is taken before eating directly, it strengthens the stomach and facilitates digestion and appetite for more food, in addition to the role of impregnated ring active in the killing of worms, especially if taken on an empty stomach by a small cup a day.
And draw oil circuit, and if I give breastfeeding by 20 points three times a day it helps to increase the milk, increasing the size of the breasts and open their appetite to eat.

Burns and boils

Del folk medicine to the ring very helpful in the treatment of boils, and are used to spray the seeds of the ring, and mixes powdered with lukewarm water and agitated for a period of time until the mixture becomes a paste coherent catheter is placed on boils and wrapped a piece of cloth, and is considered the best way to treat boils and healing, not only this recipe only on boils, but experimented with many sores and abscesses and sores fingers, breasts, lesions of the anal fistula and foot sores and others.

Mixes and burns the seeds of fenugreek powder with rose oil, and painted him into the fire until they recover, have reported the ring in the treatment of cracked skin and improve skin color, where the use of boiling fenugreek seeds Kgsol of the places affected twice every day
If the track were added to other elements such as garlic, sesame oil, it gives a magical effect in the treatment of rheumatism, colds, muscle pain, after the seeds are crushed and mixed with garlic and sesame oil and massage the areas of pain in the body.

The arena and diabetes and cholesterol
In the past, and testing only, based on the medicine of ancient Arab guided people to use the track in many diseases, and saw its effectiveness, relevance and outstanding results, even before being able to diagnosis broad range of diseases, and were said to be resistant to the sugar, reduce cholesterol without the people realize it, and it was The vast majority of people satisfied with their results, celebrate them, and consider charming plant without the knowledge of components and diseases that help to recover from them. However, modern science proves the properties of the circuit and great benefits, which was held by several studies that have proved effective in reducing cholesterol and blood sugar, while stressing effect significant in facilitating the birth, and made the track amazing results in reducing the risk of liver cancer when tested on infected animals, these experiments and studies were conducted in more than one European country and the results stored in the centers of global research, in addition to blood sugar and cholesterol, the track proved to be effective in reducing triglycerides, and treatment of infections, topical and articulated, as it reduced cases of spasticity, and used women as a stimulant of the uterus and facilitator of birth and healing effects.

Some companies have begun to prepare a lot of drugs, consisting mainly of the arena, to address diseases that have been tried to treat the ring, and now there are medicines made from the pharmacy arena, especially drug-thin and the opening of appetite, softening and strengthening the stomach and digestive system.

Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
No one thought that such plants relationship treating IBS and other diseases with links to mental and physical together, but experience has emphasized the role of the circuit in this aspect, and now patients with IBS to use the ring for treatment, according to reports by doctors and experts.
Which takes one teaspoon of powder of the arena and mixed a glass of water and cook on low heat for a period so that the volume of water by a quarter, then cooled slightly and filtered and covered by the patient on an empty stomach every day and, God willing, happen to him healing, and if he continued treatment with the same recipe and a firm commitment to find that colon regained normal and, in particular to the treatment circuit is today available in more than one body, either pills or capsules or powder or other.

Risks of the ring

Although the circuit has significant benefits in treating many diseases, but it contains some of the risks which it does not give the baby small, affecting the digestive system negatively, and used more than is reasonable would be counterproductive for sure.
Since the booster circuit for all organs of the body it is not wise given the pregnant woman, it helps to stimulate the uterus and thus help to abort the fetus and advised to avoid eating the arena of diabetes-insulin-dependent only after medical consultation.

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