Rinsing the mouth with oil .. A cure for incurable diseases ..!

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Rinsing the mouth with oil .. A cure for incurable diseases ..!

Of course, the simple balanced diet and chew essential for healing, but this method is really a surprise ..

Treatment is simple and very effective, God willing, Talylkthir diseases, such as:

"Headaches, bronchitis, dental pain, stroke, eczema, ulcers and diseases of the stomach, intestinal diseases, heart, blood, kidneys, liver, lung, gynecological problems and chronic insomnia .... and heal as well as neurology, paralysis and meningitis prevented ... cancer and the growth of malignant tumors, as well as remove them causing them to heal "...

So it cures diseases caused by side effects of chemical drugs!
process is very simple and inexpensive never ...

You can try yourself to make sure the effect ....

This old method of thousands of years, mentioned in Medicine Ayurveda, and is working on the causes of diseases, the root, so it takes a certain time to give the desired result, and the time depends on the condition of the patient and the severity of illness, so do not expect healing, breaking the magician in one night! This is not a prescription medicine, chemical or herbs secret!

Introduction to the treatment, aggravation of oil:

Been put forward several research at several meetings before the oncologists and germs from more than a global university, has raised this simple treatment is strange a lot of controversy and attention, simply using a little oil and cold pressed to achieve healing.

If the reading of the further tests and research on this treatment, do not put a lot of time, you are testing yourself to prove its impact and effectiveness.

Surprise here is that have implications in the amazing healing can be achieved this way, vital natural simple and free from any damage.

This simple method allows you to treat most common diseases, and sometimes even indispensable for the surgery and deal with chemical drugs that cause many serious side effects.
Interestingly, the subject is simply the way .... They reflect the aggravation of oil wrung the cold in your mouth (sunflower oil or sesame), so it is not necessary to be an organic product, so the normal sunflower oil refined is located in the shops has proven effective for many people ....

The healing process here performed by the body alone, and not oil ...

In this way can be treated with cells, tissues, and all members at one time, and the whole body to get rid of toxic wastes and without any damage to the useful micro-organisms in our body.

Human beings do not live only half the age of default ... They can easily live healthy and happy, at least 140 to 150 years ...

Treatment Steps, aggravation of oil:

It is important to understand that during the process of rinsing the mouth with oil, is naturally stimulate the process of metabolism in the body, and this leads to improved health as a whole. One of the amazing results fast here is to re-connect and strengthen the teeth vulnerable sparsely, and stop bleeding gums and teeth whitening clear.

Rinsing the mouth with oil before breakfast is ... To speed up the process can be repeated three times a day, but always before meals on an empty stomach ... And continued by several days until you return to you your strengths and your business the old before any disease, and return Hiotk sleep and the Pacific.

When waking up every morning should feel refreshed, and should not be a halo of black under your eyes, and be a good appetite to eat and sleep comfortably and deep thinking and good memory.

Listen to your body is that which determines the time required ... Severe disease be cured rapidly within two to four days ... Chronic or incurable diseases usually need longer time, and sometimes a full year, so please do not give up quickly.

* First step:

The first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before drinking any liquids (even water), pour the outstanding food (10 ml) sunflower oil or sesame in your mouth (or any type of oil you choose and love experience) ..


Rinses his mouth with oil and move through your mouth without swallowing it ... 15 to 20 minutes ... Move to the corners of the mouth and through your teeth, mouth rinses his mouth as if you simply (do not return your head back to gargling).

You'll find that the oil will start Baltrqq like water blended with saliva ...

Rinsing continued ... If you are tired jaw muscles Taatabha increase, there is no need to make a major effort here.

Relax a little and use your tongue to move the oil in your mouth ... When you do that you will feel very comfortable ... After a period of repetition will become a very normal thing.

Rinsing the mouth with oil do enzymes which in turn pulls toxins from the blood.

* Step Three:

With the approaching end of the session rinsing oil, you may notice that the mix of saliva and oil had become thick, which is normal as it pulls toxins from your body.

After about 20 minutes from the start, Spit the oil out to the toilet ... Do not be surprised, turquoise, pale yellow, this is normal.

* Step Four:

Wash your mouth with warm water and twice Abesgah in the water cycle ... You can also optionally be washed with water and salt, or detergent, such as good oral (water Almamd pure oxygen, if any), and this effectively to remove any toxins remain in your mouth.

If you use the sink, Vagzlea with soap after you are done because the oil abroad is full of bacteria and toxins.

Some precautions:

- Do not swallow the oil, but you spitting ... But if Belath inadvertently not a problem to warrant concern. Prostrates through your gut will not need to do anything.

- If you are sensitive to a particular type of oil, replace another brand or another type.

- Sunflower oil, sesame oil, both are equal in the interest and cure diseases, other oils may be less effective.

- In the case of several diseases, at the beginning of the application of treatment to worsen some symptoms, and even possible that during the recovery exceeds the area cleaned the area again, so do not ever stop even if the situation worsened ... For example, no need to stop treatment if your temperature is increased (the rise in temperature is a natural reaction of the body to heal itself), and always keep in mind here, that the increased symptoms of the disease with the application of chewing is a good sign indicating healing.

Rinsing the mouth with the results of oil:

The results of this therapeutic approach has brought shock to many people, and led to more research ... This research on the mouth with oil has recorded and classified in depth, especially with regard to functional similarities objects people.

Surprising that, through this method of natural healing have been many diseases and symptoms varied and still without any side effects.

This simple method will enable us to cure many diseases, which often address the process of surgical or chemical drugs is strong, and of course with a lot of side effects.

Simpler and more effective treatment, aggravation of oil and move it through the mouth, back to activate the body's glands and Alitrahip ... In this way he can recover individual cells, clusters of cells, such as lymph nodes, and weave the most complex methods referred to all the time and the internal one.

This occurs because the beneficial microorganisms that coexist in our bodies to get a good compromise, energy and activity of additional ... Without these organisms coexisting with us (which destroy antibiotics) our bodies tend to the disease than health and healing ... Use this method regularly reflect this deterioration and to make health is the overall situation and enable us to life 150 years at least! This is double the average of the present age of human beings.

Many doctors around the world that support this treatment, by which can certainly cure many diseases: migraine headaches, bronchitis, dental Almnkhurp or inflamed, blood clots, blood disease chronic conditions such as leukemia, arthritis, and the resulting, paralysis, physical and nervous, eczema, inflammatory bowel, peritonitis, heart disease, kidney disease, meningitis, hormonal disorders of women ......

This method addressed the body as one integrated ... In the disease called "intractable", such as cancer and AIDS, infections, chronic infections, they have demonstrated how successful than many other treatments ... Until it has been treating cancer patients CML after the failure of treatment methods deployed for 15 years, and the treatment of arthritis patients was very seats because of it, which recovered within 3 days only with the disappearance of all symptoms of inflammation.

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