Diseases of the nail: knowing

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Diseases of the nail: knowing

Some bacteria and fungi grow on and under the nails.
It is important to recognize and be able to prevent the client but did not panic.

It should direct them to a dermatologist, and in no case we can not replace them only their diagnosis or vindicated

* Bacterial infection "Pseudomonas" can occur on natural nails between the plate and the nail bed (it is wrong to think that this happens only for fake nails) or between the natural nail and false nail. It appears a greenish color of this classic type of infection. This type of infection is caused by stagnation of water infiltrated.

* Fungal infection "fungus" we noticed a detachment of the nail which has a yellowish color with debris under the nail. The fungal infection spreads if not treated.

* Ringworm is characterized by thickening of the nail.

* The onychogryposis including nail type "signature" is often the result of trauma

* The onychorrhexis are brittle nails which often split vertically. This may be hereditary or use solvents or cleaners too often repeated.

* Leuconychia are white spots on the nail, they will fall through the growth of the nail.

* The Beau's lines are characterized by horizontal depressions on the nail. They can be caused by trauma to the nail, poor metabolism, chemotherapy. It is an interruption of the protein chain of the nail plate.

* The Koilonychia is usually caused by anemia due to iron deficiency. The edges appear plus, thin and concave.

* The Melanonychia are vertical pigmented bands. At least change the flat of the nail advise your client to consult promptly, with care, without the worry it could be a melanoma that only the doctor make his diagnosis.

* Pterygium comes as a distortion of the cuticle that this advanced over the nail. It ought to trauma of the nail Do not try to touch it.

Psoriasis may be confused with eczema. When it attacks the nail plate, it will be dry and crumble dive.

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