More vegetables against cellulite

Publié par happy-diet jeudi 29 avril 2010

More vegetables against cellulite

We can not stress it enough: the vegetables are the best allies of a slim silhouette. Granted, it is not only eating two carrots for lunch, otherwise devour the box of biscuit at 16:30 ... but at every meal, and in excess of the portion of starch is consumed plants.

There certainly has that appeal to you, especially in spring, the choice is widening so much! The many vitamins vegetables boost your moral fiber and will take charge of promoting bowel movement. If no direct link can be demonstrated between consumption of vegetables and storage of cellulite, however it is direct evidence that eating vegetables can have a direct impact in promoting weight loss.

Raw, cooked, grated, sliced, steamed, broiled, soup, mashed ... I assure you that the vegetable is anything but boring. Just a little imagination. Or surfing a few minutes on the pages of Doctissimo kitchen.
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