Vitamin "C" help in the prevention of cancer ....!

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Vitamin "C" help in the prevention of cancer ....!

Despite the great progress made by science in the research vitamins and a disclosure that eating food rich in vitamins and minerals is the best way to prevent cancer of the stomach, esophagus and other diseases, this study was to confirm that the vitamin "C" that helps prevent cancer, but it works in a different way than scientists had imagined.

Scientists had long thought that the vitamin "C" and other antioxidants, fights cancerous growth through the capture of oxygen molecules with free radicals and prevent these free radicals from damaging the DNA of the cells, but researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, noted that the antioxidant play a different role, they are undermining the ability of cancer cells to grow in oxygen-starved.

The researchers found these results after injury mice two types of cancer produce a lot of free radicals and they have to give her anti-oxidants such as vitamin "C".

The researchers observed that mice that did not address the antioxidants were not suffering from damage mentioned in the cellular DNA, which means that the role played by antioxidants nothing to do with DNA.

The Bing Zhao, an author of the study, this study prompted the researchers to think of another way of antioxidant is to get rid of a particular protein associated with roots of the free, which is what actually happened, where the protein present on cancer cells of mice untreated, but it disappeared in mice treatment with vitamin "C".

The researcher Chi Dang, the protein helps oxygen-starved cell convert sugar to energy without using oxygen and also initiates the process of building the blood vessels to provide a new batch of oxygen to cells.

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