Allergic diseases in children with asthma, allergic rhinitis and skin

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Allergic diseases in children with asthma, allergic rhinitis and skin

Allergy is the most prevalent diseases in general and children in particular, diseases are asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema or sensitive skin you know the so-called «sensitive Trinity» The vast majority of allergic diseases, followed by food allergy in the percentage of occurrence.

The disease sensitivity of this close relationship with each other as the ability to occur collectively transmitted genetically and the presence of any of them in the individual or family makes a remainder expected at any time later, for example, if one parent had asthma, the percentage predicted asthma at any'm 50% , although both had been infected with the figure rising to 75%, as can be infected children with asthma even if the parents suffer from allergic rhinitis or the skin only and not necessarily asthma.

Studies have shown that in any child suffering from eczema, allergic rhinitis is expected to get 80% for asthma by 60%, but if the child is suffering from allergic rhinitis possibility of an asthma 70%.

May begin to eczema in children early in the third month of age and get 90% of cases before the age of 5 years, as well as fade eczema early in most cases, it is the most important main symptoms of eczema, itching, which cause tension and crying heavily in children and lack of sleep, and if the child from scratching overflowing with more and more skin and therefore do not need to stop itching. The drought in the skin is a sort of presentation is very important and must be intensive moisturizing the skin does not fit the use of light refreshments, and if the appearance of red spots and coarse scales is not necessary to use creams containing cortisone or its alternatives with varying degrees of force, usually for an interim period.

The skin of patients with eczema are more vulnerable to inflammation of the skin than normal, so I recommend that you use the antibiotic immediately to any scratch or wound, and use of antibiotics is usually in the form of ointments, except in extreme cases, either by mouth or intravenously.

And the relationship between food allergy and eczema, it is not a causal relationship, but in early childhood may cause irritation in some foods symptoms and omissions making it easier to control the disease, and in older age is the patient more sensitive to allergens and air is not food.

The sensitivity of the nose is the second disease of the Trinity of Allergy and most widespread, most often reside symptoms throughout the year and some people are seasonal only, and consists of symptoms of sneezing, itchy nose and eyes and antihistamine effective for these symptoms only the blockage, runny nose and sometimes nosebleeds frequently we must the use of sprays nasal containing quantities are codified from cortisone to control these symptoms, where it is very effective if used every day and complications, side effects even in the long run almost non-existent, and if neglected the treatment of allergic rhinitis, this leads to inflation of polyps and thus to snoring during sleep and lead to congestion or sinusitis suffers the patient from frequent headaches and sometimes a cough, especially when you lie down in the long run may lose the patient's sense of smell and therefore taste, too, may begin hay fever in a very early age and if coexist with asthma must be controlled in order to control the asthma.

We turn now to talk about asthma, an inflammation of allergic chronic disease of the airways and leads to contraction of the bronchus and the secretion of large amounts of mucus, which impedes the flow of air to the outside feels the patient's shortness of breath and is expressed in infant crying severe and can be up to the degree of cyanosis of the lips and the patient suffers from bouts of severe coughing and followed, vomiting in children as well as whistling in the chest is not required to hear whistling for the diagnosis of asthma, as some believe, but the cough especially at night and cough that follow the play or effort as a proof of the presence of asthma, and it must be emphasized that the asthma disease is inherited and is chronic and may appears in the first months of age and fade with age in one third of pediatric patients only, while others may continue or disappear and then return the rest of the patients the opposite beliefs.

Suffer 300 million people around the world from asthma more than a third of them children, die of the population due to asthma are estimated incidence of asthma worldwide of about 18% of the population and our figures in Saudi Arabia are very similar and the incidence increased steadily, especially among children, and that the proportion of deaths due to asthma also on the rise despite all the global efforts, which states, Statistics Canada said 10 people die every week from asthma could have been avoided 8 of these deaths procedures sound health, and constitutes asthma burden on the budgets of the countries financially and socially as is the primary reason for the absence of children from their schools and parents for work and loss of productivity, the main reasons for emergency visits and frequent losses are estimated that billions of dollars.

There are two types of wheezing chest when children first, which happens in a child does not have the sensitivity of diseases other does not have a family history of any of the allergic diseases mentioned above occurs wheezing only after colds and these infants often lose the whistle just as they get older, while the second is to understand children who have personal history or family of any of Allergy They usually last including asthma symptoms, and should be considered to start preventive treatment for them early, and the doctor must make sure that there are no diseases associated or irritant for asthma such as inflammation of the sinuses or gastric reflux, and parents should verify the existence of asthma in children in the case if the cough at night and prevent a child sometimes sleep comfortable or if the cough is increased when exposure to dust or strong smells Kalpkhor, perfume or smoke, especially from cigarettes or animal dander and feathers of birds or in the seasons of growing pollen from trees, as well as increase After running and playing.

Must be at the end of the topic emphasis on asthma disease is inherited and that a chronic disease and it may lead to death at an early age, and the idea that the aerosol lead to addiction unfounded and that prevention and control of the disease and avoid complications

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