Sports best treatment for fatty liver and the prevention of fibrosis

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Sports best treatment for fatty liver and the prevention of fibrosis

Some suffer from a disease «fatty liver» or increased fat in liver cells, causing the disease of great concern, despite the possibility of treatment and the absence of complications, it often; but it is likely to become a fatty liver to cirrhosis of the liver in some cases, and here may lie dangerous.
Speaking for «Riyadh» refers Medhat El Shafei Professor immune and digestive system, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University to two types of fatty liver; First Type: alcohol (the impact of alcohol), and gender non-alcoholic (where the patient does not any alcohol); next to the exclusion of other causes such as a virus «C» or «b».

Dr. Medhat: The fatty liver the most common reasons that lead to the resumption of patients to doctors liver after hepatitis, chronic impact of viruses, is associated with fatty liver high blood fats and obesity and type II diabetes (non-insulin-dependent); because of the high level of insulin, blood; a thus causing the deposition of fat cells, liver; which are reflected only by taking a sample of the liver.

There are other reasons for a fatty liver, such as some of the slimming surgery and intravenous nutrition, and rapid slimming, starvation for a long time, and the use of certain medications such as some oral contraceptives, and looks the incidence of this disease than women.

D shows. Medhat that fatty liver the most common reasons for the rise in liver enzymes after excluding alcohol, alcohol, viruses, says: occurs fibrosis in about 30% of cases of infection, and then disappear fat from the liver cells, and no doubt that the genetic factor behind a cystic some people but not others .

And patients with fatty liver of rapid fatigue, tiredness, laziness and upper abdominal pain in the right side and enlarged liver, and high liver enzymes in blood, and increases the level of the yellow and the level of liver iron and blood.

And supported by diagnosing fatty liver ultrasound, and the more apparent by using MRI.

Indicates Medhat El Shafei that should be expected to fatty liver disease in a patient with type II diabetes (non-insulin-dependent); with obesity and excessive high level of liver enzymes, and say: get rid of treatment simply slimming-out, regular exercise, and the organization of blood fats, and the use some drugs to reduce fat in the blood and antioxidants to protect the liver, so as to avoid cirrhosis and its complications.

Is there a risk of fatty liver?
- Most cases of fatty liver do not have serious complications, but the newly found that some cases of fatty liver may be accompanied by inflammation has been found that the proportion of these cases can occur with cirrhosis of the liver.
What is the treatment of fatty liver?
- Are treated Firstly, the sense to stop the patient drink alcoholic beverages and improve feed a patient who is suffering from malnutrition and are doing the diet to reduce obesity and overweight and we are treating diabetes and giving drugs to reduce fat in the blood in patients who suffer from increased.
In addition, the patient is given antioxidant that keeps the liver cells and patients are advised to eat fresh vegetables and fruit as they contain lots of antioxidants and help regulate weight.

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