Sports improve your mental

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Sports improve your mental

Exercise has many benefits and is important as some scientific studies confirm that persons living with mental illness can Itvaduha the exercise of the exercises on a daily basis.

On this issue, little d. Ziad war, a specialist in Sports Medicine program healthy and useful space "now" that sport is very important and actually help to improve mood, and eliminate the psychological problems Fmmarsthe improve the exterior of the body which in turn affects the psychological state of a person.

Adds d. Ziad that the practice of sport in general, produce certain hormones in the brain help to revitalize and renew brain cells and especially whenever they exercise for long periods.

It is advisable d. Ziad need to exercise and do not neglect it is beneficial for the body to him, but for fatigue or exhaustion resulting from the exercise at the beginning, confirms that this feeling is normal with time and exercise the body will get used to and it becomes a natural, knowing that it can exercise at home or anywhere movement of the many walking and dance exercises and useful.

And Dr Mohamed Magdy Ali Dahab, associate professor of neurology of Medicine Al-Azhar and member of the American Academy of Neurology that sport is an instrument of therapy for many diseases, it helps to arrange and vital body functions and organs Kalmk, heart and chest, which helps to regulate the body's psychological and organically.

Points d. Mohammed to be swimming the most important mathematics, which helps to relax the mind and body together, he says, scientists have found after many studies that sleeping after swimming to be auspicious is the patient's peace of mind, and the walk is easier and better and cheaper sports practiced by the rich and the poor of all ages ranging from childhood to old age, which helps to relax the muscles and nerves also gives the opportunity to use the property of meditation, bringing the moral and psychological.

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