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Gastro infants: efficacy of the vaccine confirmed

Gastroenteritis in infants, vaccine efficacy confirméeLe rotavirus responsible for more severe forms of gastroenteritis, is the leading cause of deaths related to diarrhea in infants and young children. A new vaccine confirms its high efficiency in small less than two years.
Immunization of infants against rotavirus: the example of Mexico
Gastro: why vaccinate infants against rotavirus?
Gastroenteritis: immunization of infants, the whole year!

Beware of dehydration!

Each year, rotavirus is responsible for 2 million hospitalizations and over 600,000 deaths of children under 5 years worldwide. In France, there were 8,000 hospitalizations and thirty dead.
An effective vaccine to nearly 100%

Laboratories GlaxoSmithKline issued in 2005 encouraging data on a vaccine called "Rotarix. New studies have confirmed its high efficiency. And this time, very large scale since the last evaluation of vaccine covered a population of over 60,000 children from eleven Latin American countries and Finland. Divided into two groups, one received a placebo, the other two doses of vaccine at the age of two and four months. Following each dose, children were followed for 2-4 months to assess possible adverse effects.
Compared with placebo, vaccine efficacy against gastro-enteritis was 85% or even 100% effective against rotavirus gastroenteritis accompanied by the most severe dehydration.

Of course, even if the kill gastrointestinal especially in developing countries, early vaccination is a small Western security that allows them to avoid suffering from the disease and reduces hospitalizations.
For information, no vaccine is intended for adults because the consequences of gastrointestinal, even those carried by rotavirus, are not as severe as in infants. However, a vaccine for the elderly might be interesting. Indeed, this population is also part of the subjects more prone to gastro.

Another advantage is that this vaccine is administered orally! It is therefore the second oral vaccine, the first being the vaccine against polio (which will be administered in most industrialized countries, the disease has been eradicated).

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